Should the United Nations enforce strict penalties on nations which do not comply with international standards for women's rights?

  • They are suffering.

    Yes, the United Nations should enforce strict penalties on nations which do not comply with international standards for women's rights, because the united nations can use these sanctions in order to encourage nations to make the world a better place for women in these countries. The UN can use their influence to help these women.

  • Yes, they should.

    Women's rights should be an international ordeal. There should not be a woman in the world that does not have the rights of another, and men should not have the right to rule over such women. This is a shame that the world has come to this, and there should be penalties.

  • Yes, Women are Humans and should be treated as such

    There are still countries who view women as objects or burdens or property. But woman are equal to men and need to be treated as such. In some countries women are unfairly punished for gender. The United nations was created to defend people who have no voice. International standards for woman's rights is in their job description.

  • Yes: The United Nations Should Enforce Strict Penalties On Nations That Disregard Women's Rights

    These strict penalties which should be implemented to create a strong front on protecting women's rights must be done in such a way that women are not further marginalized or blamed. Sanctions have a way of undermining the society at large, and so the UN must find creative measures to get the message across. Doing nothing, however, is not the morally correct option, as women certainly deserve equal treatment and the protections of international law.

  • Yes, they should

    The fact that there are many areas of the world that do not have equal rights for women sickens me beyond comprehension. There should not only be penalties on these countries, but sanctions for continuing to do so. Women aren't even allowed to drive in some countries, which is a disgrace.

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