• The United Nations help the world

    The UN job is not to take care of the USA, but the entire word. If it will get more power, maybe states will think twice before doing something. Because after all every state influences the others, and if the UN, for example, would get more political power, states like Iran, for example, would be really threatened. States don't help each other if they don't really HAVE to, the UN's goal and interest is to keep the world organized and good for all citizens.

  • Not just no, hell no.

    What, exactly, has the UN done for us? The UN is no friend of the USA...Imho Why anyone in their right mind would even ask if the UN should be given more power is beyond me.

    I'm just typing the rest of this because the box tells me I need more words before I can submit. Not to sure I like that feature.

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