Should the United Nations impose harsh fines and punishments upon nations who dump water pollution exceeding a set standard?

  • Yes, I think the United Nations should impose harsh fines on nations who dump excessive water pollution.

    Since water pollution effects everyone globally I think the United Nations would be within their right to harshly fine those who are dumping excessive amounts of it in global bodies of water, I think that once the United Nations fined a few nations for doing so it would greatly discourage others from doing so knowing they will be fined for doing so.

  • Punishments should be imposed on nations that pollute

    Fines may not be an effective deterrent for nations that want to pollute. Trade sanctions directly effecting the market that effects the reasons that country is polluting would be most effective. Nations are driven to pollute because acting environmentally responsible is not economically advantageous in the short term. Most nations that pollute excessively do so in order to produce something and sell it. Restrict that selling and buying power relevant to that industry and the nation responsible will shape up or go broke.

  • Nations should be fined for excessive water pollution.

    Nations should fined for excessive water pollution. Although nearly two-thirds of the planet is water, the usable water supply is still very limited. All nations should be cognizant of resources and should be required to demonstrate global community practices when it comes to pollution. Those nations that fail to do this should be fined and face sanctions if they fail to curb their behavior after being fined.

  • Yes They Should

    I believe it would be a good idea for the United Nations to impose harsh fines and punishments upon nations who dump water pollution exceeding a set standard. However, I think it's important to point out that a lot of times governments don't pollute, it's the companies that operate within their borders that pollute. So, I think there should be standards set forward as to who the UN is actually going to target. Are they going to unjustly harm the governments of these nations or will they seek out the companies directly.

  • Not good enough, we need to go further

    The UN should invade nations that pollute beyond a certain point and force them not to pollute. Fines, are you kidding me? Fines are not good enough. Invade the nation, shut down the pollution and put the polluters and the enabling politicians in jail. This is about our environment which we live in. And I say that as someone is very much Human-first. But humans have to suffer from health damage from the pollution and global warming is threatening stability worldwide.

  • Yes, they are harming other nations.

    Yes, they should because they are harming other nations as well. The water that they dump in goes to places other than just where they are. It harms the environment as a whole. They should be accountable for the harm they have caused to other people in the world as well as themselves.

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