• Yes, the UN should.

    Realistically, there is enough money within the UN to completely clean up disaster areas. The funding is there, it's just that the UN is particularly and foolishly greedy. Not only should the UN spend more on relief, but they should spend much more on preventative measures so these disasters can be avoided.

  • Yes, this should be one of their primary functions

    The United Nations is a huge organization with a great deal of political clout, money, and other resources. There is no organization better suited to help with disaster relief. It should also be one of their moral obligations to help people in need, since they are very well equipped to do so.

  • Yes, this is a damaging issue.

    This issue is growing with poorer and poorer countries getting hit my massive disasters. The United Nations should aid these countries, especially those that do not have the funds to pay for repair. This will only get worse in the future as well, so we should do something very soon.

  • Purpose of Peace and More

    The purpose of the United Nations was never to be a global relief system during disasters, it was to be a coming together of representatives to help ensure more understanding of one nation among all others and to encourage peace through common goals and suggesting and encouraging mandates to be implemented or done away with in countries that are still experiencing oppression and war. Money that is raised by the UN is spent in its efforts to encourage positive communication, enact better empowerment for lower-class citizens and women, and protect the innocent or underprivileged of countries as the globe moves towards a more inter-connected existence. If money is taken away from these efforts and funneled towards disaster relief, there might be better donations to said disaster (though sudden shifts in funds are rarely positive occurrences), but in the end they would create a lack of funding to help representatives travel to meetings to present issues and speak on behalf of their people so that meaningful change can be made. Disasters are temporary and receive aid from a country’s own contingency plans and relief systems; the UN with its own separate purpose should not change their course for a single disaster when there is a possibility of achieving greater good for the future of an entire continent full of countries still experiencing tyranny and lack of basic rights.

  • Its not our problem

    I don't believe the United Nations should spend any more money on other countries that have nothing to contribute to the united nations. Why help someone if they cannot ever do anything to help us back. It would not make much sense to help them when they are already such a poor country they already have nothing.

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