• Yes, stay away

    The United States should stay out of the Paris Climate Accord. Little change would occur after 100 years, and the United States already pays fo half of the countries in NATO because they can't pay themselves. Maybe now the countries can find the money instead of depending on the U.S.

  • Yes, leaving it is good.

    The accord's impact would be minimal. By 2100, the temperature would decrease only 1.7ish degrees Celsius, and only if all promised cuts under the accord were implemented, which would be near impossible. Then America would pay a yearly income, with much of the money going to poorer countries to help neutralize the cost of their carbon emissions. So basically the richer countries are paying the poorer countries for failing. This climate accord pact is useless and America is still going to do everything we can to decrease our carbon emissions, except we will not be throwing billions of dollars every year down the drain. Too much money for such a little result. It is said that the US by 2035 would have lost up to 2.5 trillion to help reduce the temperature by only 0.031 degrees Celsius by 2100.

  • Why support policies that have no upside and lots of downside.

    First you have to subscribe to the notion that people are significantly contributing to the way the Earth's climate behaves. Manmade climate change is a manmade narrative that is false, therefore, there is no upside to supporting the Paris Accord. However, to adhere to the agreement would make almost everything consumers purchase more expensive - including food. This places a burden on poor people today and this economical effect is much more substantiated by evidence than manmade climate change.

  • Yes, seems so.

    The United States is not legally "by Constitutional standards" bound to the Paris Agreement yet, Obama tried the end run around the Senate and used an executive order to approve the agreement which any other president can simply rescind without any legislative oversight. This is something Trump has pledged and was elected to do.

  • No, the United States should stay

    The United States should adhere to the Paris climate accord. The accord was one of the highlights of President Obama's legacy and was a crucial moment in the fight to stop climate change. By abandoning the accord now, the United States risks pushing the globe's pollution levels closer to the point of no return.

  • Climate change is a world issue

    No I don't believe the United States should abandon the Paris Climate Accord. Global warming is just that,, GLOBAL warming. It's not the problem of just a few countries. It is something that each country and government needs to tackle. I feel solving the problem is best handled with a united front with each country doing their part to alleviate the problem. If the United States backs out of the Paris Climate Accord it could show the world that global warming is really a big issue and it cause other countries to pull out as well.

  • No, The World Needs To Work Together

    Climate is so important that the world must work together to solve the problem. All countries need to get on board, as the same air circulates around out globe. All countries benefit, if the climate problem is solved, so it stands to reason that the United States should not bow out of the agreement.

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