Should the United States abolish the tax cuts for the wealthy enstated by Bush?

  • Yes they should

    I think that the United States should abolish the tax cuts for the wealthy enstated by Bush. I do not think that the wealthy people of this country need any tax breaks. I do not think that anybody needs a tax break. I think that everyone should pay the same percentage, regardless of whether or not they are wealthy or poor.

  • Yes, the Bush tax cuts on the wealthy should end.

    People with billions of dollars like to complain about their tax bill. During the time frame when the United States was considered the greatest nation, the average top tax payer paid 75% of their income in taxes. Now the top earners pay between 15% and 35% of their income. It's no wonder why our nation has become broke.

  • Need a Balanced Budget

    Our country is in a bad financial and we need to do a lot of things to right it. We do need to cut spending and be smarter about where our money goes, but we also need to bring in more revenue and the biggest way to do that is to absolish the Bush tax cuts.

  • Yes, long overdue

    The tax cuts put in by Bush were one of many things during his tenure he slipped by that are really an abomination. Is eliminating them going to level the playing field? No, not by itself, but that doesn't condone them. Rich people don't need help staying rich, those cuts are a joke.

  • Yes, the wealthy need to pay their fair share.

    The wealthy in effect do not pay their fair share of income and investment dividends and interest. They have tax loopholes and the cuts by Bush just emphasize that and make it worse. It is time to abolish these tax cuts for the wealthy so that they can support the society.

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