Should the United States adopt a more aggressive tax structure for the super wealthy?

  • The wealthy have more wealth to spend.

    It's a simple matter that the wealthy have more money to pay with. A heavier tax on the wealthy would be a start on helping the government handle the debt. As long as the tax money is used wisely, the debt from the wealthy citizens can be used to help the government, and could also be used for the middle and lower-classes.

  • Yes of course

    The rich need to be squeezed like we, the working class, do. The rich are boasting in their luxury while we the poor are squeezed to the limit. It should be different. THEY need to be squeezed, not us! After all, the rich ARE contributing to our tragedy by merging their companies with low-tax nations and they are not paying to their respective nations! My family wants a break!

  • Yes, THe US should adopt more aggressive tax rates for the top 1%

    The US needs to adopt more strigent and more aggressive tax rates for the 1%. It is not fair that the middle and lower class Americans are faced with footing the tax bill. The 1% have the means to pay a higher tax rate and should not have the opportunity to share in tax breaks that should be available for middle class Americans. They have the means to do it and should be faced with higher tax bills that the majority of the Americans have to pay now.

  • The United States should adopt a more aggressive tax structure on the super wealthy

    The super wealthy in the United States hold a level of wealth that defies logic. When one individual has billions of dollars it isn't helping anyone. There is a level to where it just becomes unacceptable, unethical, and should be distributed. France took the lead in their country with the "millionaire's tax" and the United States should adopt something similar, but not quite as harsh.

  • Share the Wealth

    The United State government should adopt a more aggressive tax structure for the super wealthy. The rich get richer because of the tax breaks they are given. The poor stay poor because of the amount of taxes they pay. Many super wealthy people have worked hard and earned the money they have, but so has many poor people. Yet, the poorer people can not catch a break because of the amount of taxes they have to pay on their earnings.

  • Yes they should

    I don't think it is quite fair that the wealthy get so many tax breaks and cuts, while the average hard working american is, percentage wise, paying more into the tax system. We work hard for our money and I think the tax thing needs to be spread out more evenly and fairly.

  • Isn't this just glorified theft...?

    If you want to make it more palatable for the wealthy to give to charity and support things that way, so that they part with their wealth of their own free will, then fill your boots.

    This idea, though, that being successful in life gives other people a right to your money and resources is simply wrong. It takes the charitable out of charity, and turns it into mandate, which is really just theft. They have it, you want it, don't want to work for it, so try to get the government to bully them out of what they have earned.

  • Its wrong and won't help anyway

    It is wrong to steal money from people's earned income. Most of the richest people don't get paid direct wages, so even if you increase income tax rates, the very wealthy won't be paying it. It will fall on the upper middle class, and maybe the lowest members of the rich, small business owners mostly. Already the bottom 43 percent pay into income taxes, but receive all paid tax back at year end. The bottom 30 percent get "earned income tax credits", and that means they get back more than they paid in. Do away with income taxes altogether and go with a national sales tax. It is the only fair way to do it. Maybe an additional wealth tax on luxury items like yahts and airplanes,etc...

  • They already pay ridiculous tax amounts

    If it isn't already, taxing the top %1 any more would be criminal. It's easy for everyone to gang up the rich and powerful, but in no way is is fair to take literally MILLIONS of dollars away from individuals just because the rest of the country isn't doing well. It isn't fair and it won't solve anything.

  • Considering the reality...

    People complain about the wealthy getting tax cuts. I can understand why at first that would be a valid complaint however a large portion Americans don't pay taxes ( ) so the argument itself has some problems. First the poor are demanding money from the rich to go into a pool that they themselves do not contribute to. Second the only suffering party is actually the middle-class.

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