Should the United States allow drilling for oil in the ANWR?

  • Yes drilling in alaska's anwr

    It hasn't affected any animals and it is the cleanest ways to produce electricity.The oil is almost gone so we should just use it anyway.They are looking for a new way to make power and make cars go so we should use all of it because it is all most gone.

  • Yes you should.

    Enhanced independence upon foreign oil, and the less potential threat of other countries threatening to cut off our supply of energy supplies. If they do, then there is less impact.
    Economic well being is increased, the benefit to the economy will be about 1.15 trillion dollars and may be more depending if the price of oil increases.
    Alaska and the Inuit people not including the government all benefit from increased tax revenues. Both favor drilling.
    ANWR is barren tundra with few life forms, even if "wildlife" is in the name doesn't mean there is wildlife. There are national forests in the us with no trees.
    Drilling in the north slope showed five fold increases in the size of caribou herds, and no harm to the population of any wildlife.
    The area subject to drilling is desolate, and the area drilled is the ratio as a postage stamp to a football field.
    Risk of tanker oil spills are reduced, now that the ships carrying the oil have nearer to travel.
    The amounts of energy amounts will increase significantly.
    I rest my case.

  • Not a good idea

    If you drill in Alaska you could kill animals plants or people and it could pollute the ocean river or lakes .Do not drill alaka oil because you could hurt the enriornment.If you don drill Alaska oil you can't hurt the environment or animals or plants our people.Don't drill oil

  • No they should not.

    The United States should not allow drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The benefits do not out weigh the cons in this instance. There is not enough oil for the United States to become independent from other nations oils and it will have potentially disastrous effects on the ANWR.

  • No Drilling In Alaska's ANWR

    Alaska's National Wildlife Refuge is land set aside by the government to protect wildlife and wilderness areas. Drilling for oil in these areas will disturb both the wildlife and the wilderness, therefore nullifying the purpose of the refuge. We should not disturb area's that we have decided to protect in the past.

  • Destroying The Environment

    This needs to stop. The animals who are living by the ANWR are getting sick and dying. Additionally, the balance of the environment is going to be unbalanced. Plus, there are other different energy that doesn't harm animals or us humans. People say it's a free country, but it's not.

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