• I toldly agree

    On every level and from every perspective from pure national interest to the purely moral the decision by the Obama administration and the Democratic Party to withdraw American troops from Iraq and Afghanistan is indefensible. Let’s begin with Iraq. I think that was the wrong idea we have ever though of and should change it asap.

  • Yes, the United States and its allies should be out of Iraq

    The United States and its allies launched an unjust and unconstitutional war against the sovereign state of Iraq in 2003 and has created a huge political mess while killing American soldiers and wasting money while actually creating more enemies and bring Muslim terrorists and sectarian violence to the country. The US should not be in Iraq at all.

  • It is time to leave Iraq

    It is about time that the United States and its allies leave Iraq. We were there for the wrong reasons in the first place, and now that we have accomplished getting rid of Saddam and training their military, it's time to go home. Give them their country back, and give us our people back.

  • Finish the job

    No, they should not leave Iraq right now, they should wait until they make sure the country is safe, and that the terrorist there do not have any large weapons that they could, and would, send to the United States to try to get back at us in some way.

  • Don't Leave Iraq Yet

    America and its allies should not withdraw from Iraq immediately. If America were to pull out now, Iraq would be left as unstable and it would allow anti-American groups a chance to regenerate. Allied forces need to leave Iraq in a better state than when they entered or else Iraq will foster a strong resentment to the United States

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