Should the United States and other Western countries such as France attack Syria without Britain's cooperation?

Asked by: bahram
  • Within certain boundaries.

    There is substantial evidence against Syria that Assad's regime launched the chemical weapons strikes against the rebels. An example of this evidence is:
    All the rockets were launched from government controlled areas.
    All the rocket landed in rebel controlled areas.
    Also, the rebels don't have the power to fabricate that many hoaxes. There's little, and the UN report tomorrow (today: 8/30/13) won't do much, save confirm what we already know.

  • I’m British but I think the unprecedented Parliamentary vote against military action shames my nation.

    I am a member of the Labour Party which opposed the motion to join the US in using military action to defend civilians in Syria from poison gas attacks but I do not agree with my party's position on this issue.

    The use of chemical weapons against civilians which resulted in the deaths of over 400 innocent children cannot go unpunished. I’m sad and ashamed that the UK will not be able to join our great ally the US in sending a message to the Assad regime, in the only terms he understands that this vile attack was completely unacceptable and, if repeated, will provoke further military action against him and his heinous henchmen.

    I hope France are able to give America their logistical as well as moral support in this matter.

  • Yes surely yes

    Bashar Assad used chemical bombs last Wednesday and he'll use them again, people are in the very very bad situation, but I think there's one problem for attacking Syria that is radical Islamist groups that some of them are related to Al-Qaeda and are terrorist, I think US army must fight against them too,because if US defeat Bashar Assad's troops then terrorists will become more powerful and they 'll kill people too we must help people

  • As usual, USA keeps its campaign of genocidal wars.

    The UN hasn't yet made any decisions nor gathered any proofs and the Western countries have already said they'll attack no matter what. This is the 'civilization' we people are allowing to be built and to dominate the world.

    Even assuming that the accusations against the Syrian government are true (which I doubt) what the US is going to do is to invade, loot and destroy the country, put a collaborationist government and make them accept a 'reconstruction deal' that leave them in debt until the end of their children's lives. It's not the first time they have done it. It won't be the last one.

    This is modern imperialism.

  • Think Twice America !!

    Never mind about Britain's cooperation! The co-operation of the American people and the unfortunate victims in Syria, need to be considered first. Thankfully, parliament voted against idiotic David Cameron's intention of military action in Syria. What would it achieve, the unnecessary loss of life of American and European military personnel and more deaths of innocent Syrians and who knows probably a world war with Russia and Arabic states? Where's the evidence, it's all flimsy! Is Bashar al-Assad's regime responsible or the various fractions throughout Syria? Take Afghanistan and Iraq, what has military intervention achieved? It's achieved the loss of innocent lives in those countries (including children) and the futile deaths of both American and European troops and a whole waste of taxpayer's money for both the American and European states involved.

  • History has shown that interventionist practices lead to more violence and uprising

    War Intervention over the years has had most of the time awful consequences. For example Iraq invasion led to a civil war that has caused more than a million deaths and is a un going and unresolved conflict. Other cases such as Vietnam, where the US basically lost the war, shows how the population suffered a bitter war. And finally the US realized they were going nowhere with the war.

    I understand that those images of people burnt by chemical weapons are hard to see and difficult to get out of our minds Yet, it is naive to think that some tomahawks are going to stop the suffering and end the conflict. Even if the regime is dethrone other extremist groups can fight for power and generate a escalating conflict. We have to remind ourselves over and over again that although we want this atrocities to stop, they will not stop with more violence. This is negating the very essence of the conflict; escalates by the continuing violent actions of to opposing groups. The only way to stop a civil war is by open dialog and seated in a table.

  • Not Our Problem

    Humanity has been so Christianized throughout history that we are moulded into the belief that we must help all other humans. Not so. Terrible though this is, it is not our country, our people or our war and not our responsibility to sort out. We must not go to war in other countries, despite what is happening, as we are not to blame and should not be the ones to judge those who are involved.

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