Should the United States approve the Keystone XL pipeline plan?

Asked by: CDLee0116
  • It is very profitable.

    Oil is the basis of the US Economy. The excel pipeline will simply flow a plethora of oil in the US. The US will than gain one or more of two possible benefits:

    1. The oil will be used in the United States. Because it is coming from Canada, it will be cheaper to import than oil coming from OPEC nations. Smaller prices for oil equals more stuff other people can spend on, and is a good sign for the economy. At the same time, when the prices of oil goes down, the price of manufacturing in the US goes down, and is a big boost for the economy.

    2. The oil is sold on an international basis. If the United States ask as a middle man here, we will obviously be profiting, although not as much as if it stays in our country.

    Although there are environmental detriments because of tar sands, most of them are in Canada, and will be utilized anyways. If we don't accept access to the oil, other nations will, and the environmental impact will still be there.

    The only real harms of the plan is the possible backlash with oil spills and crossing the land of property owners, but I believe the benefits outweigh the harms.

  • More harm than good

    If terrorist can attack the twin towers what stops them attacking the pipeline. If the do it will go in our water supplies and can hurt Americans and Canadians. Are we going to risk that because republicans want more money ( I know some demarcates want the pipeline too and not all republicans want it). No we shouldn't approve the keystone xl pipeline act.

  • Destruction to society.

    Though the Keystone pipeline is a good idea economicly it is a terrible idea ecosytemly. You will having to build a pipeline from Canada across the Midwest and it will destroy most of the ecosytem across the midwest. You have to think about this for a moment. You also have to go back and think about the fact that the oil will freeze during the winter costing millions to fix.

  • Many reasons why...

    We should not approve the Keystone XL pipeline plan. One, it increases money in the U.S., the Midwest to be more specific. This would make us Americans very unhappy. Two, climate change. Climate change would be affected. Many people voted for President Obama BECAUSE he said he would try to shut down projects like this. This would be a stepping stone to start with. And lastly, poor people will have disadvantages. Although it would provide jobs, many people can't afford it, and also-america is needing workers for projects, this would make it worse. WE SHOULD NOT NOT APPROVE THE KEYSTONE XL PIPELINE PLAN. Period.

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