Should the United States assassinate Kim Jong-un to affect the politics of North Korea?


    He is a man who is killing hundreds of thousands of Christians and Messianic Jews, (Jews who believe that Jesus Christ is the Saviour) and people who oppose the dictator. Is this not enough? He is just as bad as the totalitarian dictator in Germany Adolph Hitler. He will silence people who oppose him. I am 18 years old and think he should be killed in a remote village and hung upside down! The US should order Jong-un's firing squad to turn their back on the dictator and kill Kim Jong-un. Yes, He is horrible.

  • Overthrow North Korea

    We should help South Korea reunite the whole of Korea under Seoul’s rule and hold a mass military tribunal for the ~2, 000 people involved in North Korea’s unspeakable regime. All guilty people shall be awarded a death sentence by the court-martial. And be executed shortly after by firing squad in multiple executions by firing squads of 6 members.
    The guilty members will be executed in front of the survivors and victim’s families (if the victims would want to watch them die) and be shot with a crowd jeering at them. Those convicted of lesser offences shall be publicly caned on bare buttocks. That’s justice for you.

  • World Is Better

    Taking this nut out would calm tensions with all of the other countries and would not crush trade China & Russia. I am sure that most North Korean's would like the freedoms of the South but are afraid to have a voice. Jong-un kills anybody who get's in his way.

  • Kim Jong Un is like North korea's and 21st century version of Hitler

    Who would want to wipe the United States of the face of the Earth, including its island of Guam, Hawaii, Alaska, and western half of the United States, which are all in range of its nuclear missiles. He is a very dangerous dictator. He should be ousted, arrested, and be put to prison, and locked up for hurting, or even killing (or executing) his own people, including those put in his labor prison camps, and people who live in the United States.

  • Help the starving and imprisoned millions by cutting off the head of one. Of Course you do it!

    The western world can only imagine. Escapees from the North tell the stories of starvation, forced labor camps and executions for not working well. We would not hesitate if there were anything to gain, but there isn't for us, just the freedom for the NK people. But now, this ass is developing long range missiles, for what? He does not have the money, logistics or mobile force to maintain a prolonged ground war, so he WILL use a nuclear device if he has to. How, you ask, by threatening the south and the US for the next 20 years. I say we tactically destroy all military manufacturing just like we did IRAQ. Then when he declares war, we use our air force to turn his military into strips of bacon. Once we have control, let South Korea bandage up their people and assume control of the Korean Peninsula with the US as allies and protectors from China (who want our trade, not war) and Russia (Putin could care less about NK).

  • He's a monster!!!

    You put down a dog when it bites someone. This is a monster, worse than a unemotional rabid animal. He's a psychopathic, sociopathic, narcissistic megalomaniac. What's worse is that this giant spoiled chubby brat has his fat little sausage finger pushing the big red button. Thankfully his big firecrackers aren't working right now but who's to say that his determination to destroy the United States won't eventually become a successful action to take control over our country. We can't let that happen, nobody should. He won't stop, he'll go after other countries after he gets what he wants. Nobody will be safe. He has to be removed permanently.

  • For the sake of the world Kim has to go.

    Someone already mentioned we have had one history lesson already allowing Hitler to come to power and we did nothing. Let's not make the same mistake again. It has to be done covertly without implicating the United States but he has to go before his lunacy engulfs the entire security of the world.

  • Yes, he doesn't deserve to live

    He has a country of people in poverty while he lives in luxury using money provided by the labor of N. Koreans. He has an ego problem (not alone a reason for being killed) but in in general a bad dictator. All dictators should be killed and the USA has the means, NOW where is the will.

  • Remind them who is in power

    He should be assassinated, simply because East Asia must be reminded of who really holds power in that region.

    People fearing nuclear retaliation are the same idiots that were holding their breaths for three decades waiting for Ruski to nuke us, which it didn't.

    The North Korean people need to be dominated by the West, as should the South.

    That country should reverberate to the tread of 500,000 Imperial Troops.

  • The United States should kill the crazy loon

    He has threatened a preemptive nuclear strike against the US. He is starving his own people. He is a murderer. He is repressive. He locks American's up for life for doing nothing except being dumb enough to visit N. Korea. And then there is the aesthetic argument (fat, ugly, stupid, and the worst haircut since the Mohawk was invented).

    What's not to kill?

  • That would not solve anything.

    No, the United States should not assassinate Kim Jong-un to affect the politics of North Korea. First, the foreign policy implications are pretty scary, we do not want to be known once again as a country that does that. Second, the only thing that would change is that one of the many military generals would step in and continue business as usual.

  • America Should Not Take On Korea

    I do not believe the United States should assassinate Kim Jong-un to help North Korea. I believe it is best for America to follow its cease fire agreement with North Korea and stay out. I believe this action would cause several problems, especially for the United States, as we have no business killing other countries leaders.

  • There is never a reason to assassinate another countries leader

    No, the United States should not assassinate Kim Jong-un to change the politics in North Korea. This country has been in the same state of unrest and disarray for centuries. Getting rid of the ruler will not solve their problems, it may actually make it worse. If Kim Jong-un was assassinated then it would just be another carbon copy ready to take his place.

  • The United States should not assassinate Kim Jong-un.

    The United States should not assassinate Kim Jong-un because it is illegal by international law. Although Kim is a terrorist and a dictator, the United States cannot simply assassinate him. We should continue to apply pressure on North Korea with sanction in order to destabilize the nation. Eventually, Korea will be peacefully reunified.

  • Assassination is the worst idea

    If the United States wants to start a full war with North Korea along with some other countries then they should assassinate Kim Jong-un right away but for the safety of both the American people and the Korean people the United States should not assassinate Kim Jong-un or anyone else. It is not up to the United States to decide who can live in the world and who can not.

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