• Who Needs Them

    That is right, the government is plotting to come steal our corn fields and kick in our doors. Good luck, with having your little machine gun, while the government has tanks and F-15.'s. There is no point in people having assault weapons, other than just for sport. If you want to shoot them for sport, then go to a gun range.

  • United States Assault Weapons

    I personally think that the United States should ban assault weapons because it could cause a war as well as could have been a total ciaos. I personally think that the United States should ban assault weapons because it would be kind of putting a stop to most crimes as well as violence.

  • United States ban assault weapons

    However I think they forget Americans live in a liberal democracy, therefore if they deem the Government becoming too authoritarian then all they have to do is go to the ballet box.What's more is that if the government were oppressing the the populace to such an extent that civil unrest were to breakout then a military coup would more than likely precede any actions undertaken by an armed militia (even negate the requirement).

  • We have our rights.

    No, the United States should not ban assault weapons, because there are too many risks that it would eventually lead to denying all people the right to have weapons. It is a slippery slope to have certain weapons outlawed and not others. Pretty soon, the next type of weapon will be too dangerous, and we will lose our right to all weapons.

  • They should not

    No, they should not ban assault weapons here in the United States. We have the right to own firearms, and have the right to own a assault weapon. If something ever goes bad wrong in this country, we need to be able to defend ourselves against any threat that arises.

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