• Just a little help all around.

    If we dropped the GMO thing it would take a lot more effort to keep the businesses going, and companies would need more help, so they would hire more people. It would help considerably help the unemployment rate. It would also be a really big hands-on lob, so people would get a lot of exercise. It would help reduce the obesity rate. I am not saying that GMO's are bad for you, and I'm not saying it is good. True, it is not natural, but scientists haven't found fault in it.
    I'm saying that it may help considerably if we get rid of GMOs. I admit that I am only 15, and I do have a lot to learn, and I probably have quite a few problems with what I have said. I am completely open to corrections, but at the same time, I am entitled to my own opinion. It's America.

  • More information first

    The scientific evidence against GMOs, while inconclusive, is not very strong. Banning them would increase prices with no measurable effect on people's health. It might also lead to increased hunger in 3rd world countries. However, I do support labeling, as a fair compromise that should appeal to both sides of this argument.

  • GMO's can do a lot of good for people

    GMO crops are good from enabling crops to be more drought-resistant to more disease resistant. The argument sometimes used that it is just not natural is not much of an argument. So what? Adam and Eve did not eat an GMO apple but they still got into strive. We can make a better apple so why would we not do it? Why would we not improve on something?

  • Why Should They?

    There has been countless studies supporting the fact that GMOs are not harmful to humans. Tell me, if I told we have been creating GMOs for centuries, would you believe me? You're probably thinking "no". The majority of the products that you eat on a daily basis are in fact GMOs. Most products that have corn grown in the US in them have some form of GMOs in them and so far, no one has gotten cancer or any other disease from a GMO.

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