• Although it is written in the constitution guns only seem to cause problems.

    Guns only seem to cause problems innocent children being murdered, Gangs cross fire hurting people that were at the wrong place at the wrong time. It may seem like they are taking away your freedom, but what is their to fear when no one has a gun? Thank you for your time.

  • Guns protect people

    If everybody had guns, then people would be able to protect themselves from people who would want to harm them or the people around them. Also, if everybody was allowed to carry firearms, then you would be able to stop crimes such as robberies, homicides, and other such crimes from ever happening. Also, people would be less likely to commit those crimes. For example, if somebody wanted to rob a jewelry store, he would think twice if he knew that the clerk had a firearm.

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  • Why should they ban guns?

    Banning guns only takes them away from good people who will respect the ban. It does not take them away from bad people, who will not respect the ban or who have guns illegally. I'm not sure why this is still a question. In fact in most if not every country the crime rates go up when they ban or confiscate guns. We all fear a gun in the hands of a criminal. Does that mean we should fear a gun in the hands of good people?

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Swift-Silent-Deadly says2014-02-07T14:24:39.213
Extremely tired of Weapons and Religious debates on this Forum. Good luck to any Tyrant trying to perform a Genocide on Religious Zealots or take weapons away from the masses! NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, let it go Everyone! Can we find something else to talk about PLEASE!

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