Should the United States ban high capacity magazines?

Asked by: whoariza
  • I don't see why not

    Do you really need a magazine with 10+ bullets when hunting? Really? Do you really need a magazine that big if you like collecting weapons? Really? I think not just ban then and there you go, hunters look better because they can't machine gun down animals and collectors don't lose out on anything, and don't get me started on''but muh protection against the government'' yeah good luck taking fighting a tank with your rifle, see how well that goes.

  • Yes - if stores keep selling

    High capacity magazines, instead of moving to a more responsible format such as online reading, trees that could otherwise be used for biofuel, non-magazine publications, campfires or even just providing oxygen for the atmosphere would be wasted just to bring readers that can't be bothered to make the switch to a digital format their daily tabloid.

  • If they're smart, yes.

    Our military power is not at all reduced if they are opposed by people with two hundred bullets, or ten bullets. The only people endangered by the average citizen having high capacity magazines, is the average citizen. If you feel safer from drone strikes, carpet bombings, and long range snipers just because you have an extra ten bullets in your slip, you're ignorant.

  • In our government we believe we would rather set 1000 guilty people free than convict one innocent person.

    This is a basic belief of the US system of law. If you do not believe it you don't believe in the US system of justice. Just because some people an do very evil things with them doesn't at all justify taking it way from the people who want to protect themselves and prevent tyranny. If we go too far then tyranny WILL set in place. "To take over a country you must first disarm its citizens." -Hitler- And if more people have guns we will see a heavy decrease in all crime because if they know when they try something that people will be there to oppose them with an equal weapon. And if a future ciminal wants a weapon THEY WILL OBTAIN ONE. One way or another they will find a way.

  • Am I against it?,,,not really. Should they do it? I don't think so.

    This would not directly affect me, as I already own all of the high capacity magazines that I care to and they are in 22 cal, an "innocent" cartridge in the minds of most people, plus I don't shoot at shooting ranges.

    I use moderately "high capacity" (no more than 20 or so) clips and tube fed guns for target practice, and having done so, see no real inherent advantage to multiple clips aside from convenience, and the ability to lay suppressive fire both of which are not impending problems on American soil, at least to my knowledge. I find it very effective at preventing the advancement of Mr. Coke and his gang of thug pepsi's, even when strongly outnumbered. Phew!

    Again, I don't really care about this topic, but just for the sake of those that do, I will if necessary lean towards the side of people who wish to protect the option to purchase High Capacity magazines, I do not believe any reduction in crime would be noticeable from banning them, which could always change of course.

    Having had a couple of stand off's in my community, and in the past, the outcome was ultimately determined by the level of threat of the citizen themself and not the firearm

    One stand off for example involved a citizen who was simply not going to be arrested in his home that day. He had a loaded AK-47 with the works, and after holding police off for as long as he pleased, eventually turned himself in on his own terms. Somehow the guy did minimal time and is doing well today. It was pretty amazing how he and the police handled themselves.

    Another stand off that occurred came from a vet who went wacko from Post Tramatic. He at least had the decency to get in contact with police, and warn them to evacuate the area, making his intentions clear. This man did NOT have high capacity magazines and put up a formidable fight against trained officers, eventually succumbing to a rifleman.

    My practical experience + real world events have indicated that high capacity rounds are not a significant factor in the outcome of a shooting. Training, and intent are. That's just my opinion.

  • No point in doing it.

    Why would we ban high capacity magazines. I mean, what is so bad about them? Criminals would still have access to them on the black market or through other illegal methods. Plus it would reduce reloading while hunting or at the shooting range. Plus, half of weapons used today have tube magazines, so banning them wouldn't have as big of an effect as you think.

  • Not at all

    Our country allows people to live their life as they please and do the things they enjoy. Most people use high capacity magazines to reduce the amount of times they have to reload when sporting at the range. No matter how much you ban somethings, the criminals will always have access to the on the black market

  • Most are sport shooters

    You can tell who hunts and who does not due to the arguments that you use. First of no hunter that I have ever met uses a "machine gun' to hunt deer or rabbits. Second off if you say that gun collectors are not loosing anything out of it because they still have there guns your wrong. Its not just about the firearm its about the mods and the attachments that you get to make it fit your style. If your a sportsmen shooter that does'nt like to reload a lot then why should he have too?

  • No they should not

    Criminals would still get them. It would only stop law abiding people form getting them. We would have criminals with high capacity magazines and law abiding people with out them. People need high capacity magazines in the case of multiple attackers. They should be regulated but not banned. People should be able to have them if they pass the background check ect.

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