Should the United States ban its citizens from watching Chinese state television and CCTV News?

  • We do not need undue propaganda from another country.

    The United States should ban its citizens from watching Chinese state television and CCTV News. This is because the people in the United States do not need to be influenced by another country's propaganda. China and the United States do not share similar political systems and these two media presences should not cross paths.

  • Not at all

    No, they do not need to ban what shows the citizens of this country want to watch, and if they decide that they want to watch a show that is all about the Chinese, then it is fine for them to do this, we can not tell what to watch.

  • No news should be banned.

    Absolutely not. News sources should never be banned. Information should never be banned. With or without it, people are going to come to conclusions and have biases and make decisions. It would be good for more Americans to watch Chinese news. They are the second superpower of the world and may pass the US.

  • No it shouldn't.

    I do not think the United States should ban citizens from watching a Chinese television program. Why would they ban it? If China is okay with us seeing it than I do not see the problem. Unless China is against it and it is causing a problem than I am not sure.

  • Freedom of press

    Yea, the freedom of the press thing really only implies to journalists in the US, but rebroadcasting the Chinese TV is definitely covered as well, in addition to it being free speech. Both of these concepts involve allowing peopleto say or present anything, even things that people might not like.

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