• Loss of money, but save lives. How would this be a choice?

    My cousin I really wish she would stop smoking. I care about her so much and I don't want to see anything bad happen to her. If they banned smoking they would have to put something out there for smokers so they wouldn't have to go cold turkey. I feel as though it would benefit us as a society.

  • Millions of lives are at stake

    As I am sure you know, smoking kills, about 47 million Americans are smokers,and since about half of smokers will die of a tobacco related illness, then we can assume that roughly 23.5 Million Americans could die of smoking..... So, if we ban smoking then the majority of these people will live longer and healthier lives, 23.5 million lives are more important than the 35 billion dollars made by the tobacco industry.

  • It's the only way to stop it.

    Times change. They always do. In the 50s and 60s nobody had a problem with smoking. Newscasters smoked during broadcasts. Doctors smoked IN THE HOSPITAL!! It is now common knowledge that smoking, 2nd hand smoke and 3rd hand smoke (smoke that stays in clothes, furniture, etc.) is a severe health hazard. Smoking isn't cool, it's a disgusting addiction that needs to be eradicated. Ban smoking, but allow those who are addicted to enter programs free of charge to be helped with their problem. Cocaine was commonly used over a century ago and now it is illegal. Times change.

  • Yeah... Only if rehabilitation is provided

    I am all for banning CIGARETTES (although you should keep in mind that some MAY buy off the black market to keep their addiction going). Everyone knows smoking is bad for you (smoking cigarettes anyways). Even the smokers themselves know that, but its an addiction. They cannot quit without proper assistance. Therefore I think if we include free rehab and subsidize quit smoking products, as well as free quitting programs etc... Then a ban would be like the "icing on the cake"

  • Smoking should be banned

    My dad is a smoker. I have asked him many times to stop smoking but he still has not. I just wish that my dad would finally stop smoking. My mom was also a smoker but on my tenth birthday she stopped smoking for me. Now my dad needs to stop smoking.

  • We lose so much money

    The US would lose a very large amount of money from not selling cigarettes. We are already in debt we don't need even more debt. I understand why you said yes but it just won't work for our economy right now. It probably will never work with the way that our economy is structured

  • It is within a persons right to smoke.

    Provided that all people are informed of and understand the consequences of smoking, because they own their own body, and are not deceived about its repercussions, have the right to smoke. We should also not protect these people from the inevitable consequences of their decision, because they chose to smoke in full knowledge of its repercussions. Those who choose not to should be protected from the second hand smoke though.

  • Far too expensive

    If people want to smoke they will in a similar way to illegal drugs. We spend too much money on the drug war as it is and another drug for the cops to search for will cost money. You would also be wasting the cops' time that they could use to catch violent criminals.

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