Should the United States ban the slaughter of horses for meat?

  • Horses are different

    Ever since the beginning of our country people have relied so dearly on horse. We would be ignorant to slaughter the animal that helped us gain our freedom and begin our country. They are no ordinary animal, they are similar to dogs, no sane man (or women) would even think about slaughtering the animals that so helped us. We are not a betraying people. We should obviously ban the slaughtering of horses in our country

  • We can never justify slaughter.

    I think it truly is a testament to my patience on how I always have to put up with these selfish arguments. We cannot continue justifying suffering at the price of our own self-indulgence. Seriously, this pathetic behavior needs to stop. For the time being, I can live with people eating meat. I mean, it completely destroys me, but I can live with it. But no one should dare to have the nerve to justify it. If we keep repeating that this behavior is fine, then nothing will ever change. We have to break the cycle and take steps to ensure a better world instead of destroying it for our own leisure. This is far from being a matter that's morally ambiguous. Killing animals over such shallow, petty wants? Perhaps I've been far too kind when I said it was selfish; it's transparently evil. And if we haven't been so completely accustomed and desensitized to how many animals are killed (and considering that we use 'Well, we slaughter other animals!' To justify slaughtering different animals I think I prove my point on how apathetic we are) after centuries of butchering these animals I truly believe we'd realize how horrible the act is.

    Keep eating your meat for the time being. But once we have the technology, resources, and the alternatives you better stop. Even we engage in it, cruelty should never be defended. We buy from walmart, but that doesn't mean it's all right for us to just let the business practices slide because of it. Meat is much of the same way.

  • Horses are not to eat!!!!!

    The horses are rounded up from their home range, and stuffed into holding pens. Then they are loaded up into trucks were they are transported for up to 10 hours without food or water. When they arrive at the slaughter house they are cruelly handled and stabbed, or shot with spikes. Then they finally slit the horses throat. THIS IS SO CRUEL!!!!

  • Not safe for human consumption

    Not only not safe for human consumption but the horses are and should not be considered livestock. We, Americans are not barbaric people like third world countries that eat any four legged creature. A horse just like a cat or dog are companion creatures. They are very intelligent and faithful animals. They have fought in the wars for us, why would we degrade them but eating them. Thank you

  • Ban horse slaughter

    Horses are not raised for meat. Not treated like cattle under regulated conditions. 119 banned drugs found in meat. Not safe for human consumption. Slaughter is in violation with theAMVA humane slaughter act as it takes more than one shot with captive billet to render them unconscious and sometimes they come to while being butchered. Still 80% of us are strongly opposed to horse slaughter and will not support it with out hard earned tax money. We don't eat it, we don't want it and it should be banned.

  • Bible says not to eat anything without a split hoof

    Horses are not for food . Where would we all be if not for the horse, they have carried us into battle, carried our belongings cross state after state . We have used this animal for centuries and now in their time of need the money hunger people want to make a profit off the blood of these innocent animals ! Plus they are given all kinds of minds through out their lives ,even the boxes state "not to be used on animals intended for food" , i really don't believe the inspectors will test every single horse to make sure it has no meds in it . No way ! Will never convince me. I have seen video's of horse slaughter one draft horse took 14 hits from a captive bolt before it finally went down , will never tell me that is humane ! That horse suffered ! Horses are not for food period !!

  • People WAKE UP!!!

    Horses were not meant for human consumption...Aside from that USDA, FDA etc. Cannot keep meats safe now for ppl that eat them. They are loaded with vaccines, antibiotics and that goes on and on. The fact that we are even debating this shows the arrogance of this country and the people in it! Horses are majestic animals that were meant to be cared for and loved...You give love and you get it back.

  • They are beautiful.

    These are work animals not food. The countries that eat horse meat should raise their own horses. These animals were brought here by the Spanish. No one ate them. They rode them. It made it possible for the Native Americans to move around faster and made their lives easier. Farmers used them to plow fields and get around. The horse was protected then and I think they should be protected now. They did not choose to come here. They were brought here. They are a part of our history. Not our or anyone elses diet. They used to hang a man for stealing a horse.

  • Yes, but then they will have to ban all slaughter as all.

    Reason being is just because a lot of people here in the U.S. Don't eat horse meat (assuming you know what you're eating, but if you didn't prepare it yourself then you really don't) does not mean that you should ban them from being slaughter. You people don't make any since, I mean if you really think that God put animals here to be consumed by human (plus your more animal then you are plant, think about that) you seriously don't know how the human body works compare to true meat eaters. You use the word pet, to say this is what you don't eat. See but an Intelligent person would do their research on the pros and cons of eating meat, an Intelligent person would learn about both sides of an argument. But you don't want to do that, you want to go with the flow and with everyone around you. If you eat cows, chickens, pigs, ducks then why not horses, dogs, cats why not they probably taste like chicken any ways. And I'm sure by this point what I'm writing will fall on ignorance which is just ignore, But you keep eating meat and wonder way your family keeps dying of cancer but if you really want to do a little bit of research(which you probably won't) but here's a link:


    Its pretty funny too so enjoy.

    Posted by: knu
  • No Horse Meat Please!

    Many Americans want to bring back the ban on horse meat production in the US, and I agree that the ban should be placed on it again. I understand that religions do observe the consumption of horse meat but it comes down to a moral issue. The question becomes are horses a pet, or a form of livestock to be harvested?

  • Humans are Carnivorous Beings

    Anyone who wants to ban eating horse-meat is absolutely insane. First of all, horses don't have feelings. They don't feel pain or empathy like humans do; our brains are much more advanced.

    If you're vegan/vegetarian, that's completely fine. Just don't shove it in everyone else's face and force everyone else to stop the natural human habit to eat animal meat.

  • One Does Not Simply Tell Me Which Meat I Can Eat

    If I kill the horse in a quick humane way (like a gun or a hammer), and I eat the meat left, I personally don't see the problem with eating horses. Besides, I've heard that horse meat has more protein than that of cow or pig. But, that's just me.

  • Animals like any other.

    Why should you ban slaughtering horses, but not slaughtering cows,pigs,chickens, etc.?
    What is so special about horses? If you don't want to eat horse meat, don't do it. But that is no reason to ban it completely.
    You think horses are to cute, their companion animals, pets, friends, etc. Well all the other animals can be that to. You can raise a pet or a chicken as a pet or a companion. A lot of people chickens are cuter than horses. That is all just personal preference, no argument to ban slaughtering horses.
    The horses are not breed and raised to be eaten? How exactly is that an argument, I don't think the horse cares much about what happens to it, once it is dead. And wild animals aren't breed or raised to be eaten either. But isn't that actually good? Wouldn't you agree, that these horses probably had a better life than all the pigs and cows that are raised simply in the most profitable way for the farmer. And thus for every slaughtered horse that had a good life, there may be raised one less pig that would have a bad life.
    Now if you say, the horses are killed in a cruel way or are fed with too many drugs or something, than change that or only slaughter the horses that not have been fed with drugs. No reason to ban it completely.

  • I though it already was.

    I don't see why not, it sounds like it might taste good, and there is an ample supply. Plus, when racehorses retire, and their semen has been sold for thousands of dollars, why not just shoot the horse, and feed it to the masses? It would be one more source of food, and an effective way to end a horses life.

  • We dont eat hores

    No they are loving and kind animal's they are peoples pets like dogs & cats I know some counties eat dogs and cats. No its just wrong. Horses have been aound for ever they take people from one place to another and they pulls wagons etc. They are very thereapic to people with disabaibys etc.

  • When you can't afford to feed them

    Horses are expensive to keep and it just gets worse, there is no market for them since they stopped using horse meat for dog food. Burying a horse takes a lot of work and a lot of people have problems putting down their own pets. What are you going do with them?

  • If they was more efficient animals...

    The reason why there are not commercial horse meat farms is that I can raise 4 cows to market weight with the same amount of feed it takes to raise 1 horse. If it was the other way around this discussion wouldn't be happening because everyone would have been raised on horse burgers.
    The meat is leaner, lower in saturated fat and cholesterol. It makes great fajitas.
    As for the bute, have you ever priced bute? It's drug half life is between 2-4 hours which means horse effective eliminates it every 20 hours--why it must be administered every 24 hours. 90% of dose stays in blood stream. As for dewormers, horse, cattle and human dewormers are the same. Ivermectin for horses is same drug as FDA approved STROMECTOL.

  • No slaughter of companion animals

    Its just wrong and keeps one from ever selling a horse for fear this could be his destiny one day. I know that is why I would never sell my horse even if he wasn't the right match for me. You can judge a country by how it treats its animals.......The USA should be better than that.

  • Not raised for food

    The food chain is not a free disposal service for the horse industry. It is unethical to dump horses with legal and illegal drugs banned by the FDA for use in food producing animals into the food chain. Also, commercial slaughter does not meet the 2013 AVMA Guide for euthanasia under slaughter of horses.

  • Horses are useless!!!!

    Why do we need horses, for our own entertainment??!!! Kill them all!!! Like really, i think we should slaughter them they would be better off dead. I think if we killed a big majority of horses it would lower the population and the horses will no longer suffer good night and merry christmas!!

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my-horse-sky says2013-10-26T01:50:27.913
Horses are not raised or regulated as food animals and should never enter the food chain, they are our friends companions buddies and will always be. They have done so much for us since time began and should not be slaughtered, No to Horse Slaughter ever!!
Vere_Mendacium says2014-07-25T03:06:12.450
Dang, all my posts being moderated,,, meanwhile,, polls about how 'Blacks are violent to ward of whites' is OK? Hmm...
Vere_Mendacium says2014-12-26T10:42:32.977
Baned? No.. Regulated? Yes... The only banned meat should be human..
TheAnonymousTipster says2015-01-02T23:41:50.883
@my-horse-sky - yes, horses have done a lot for us. So have cows, they've been our food. We're simply giving horses one more thing to do for us, then...
@Vere_Mendacium - That seems like a somewhat acceptable compromise. Don't ban it, especially not for everyone, but try to ensure that it happens as little as possible.