Should the United States be able to arrest hackers that work for the Chinese government if they have sufficient evidence but no permission?

Asked by: ccless1
  • Shouldn't it be simple?

    If the Chinese are hacking various US companies and the US government itself then doesn't it make sense that the US (assuming they provide sufficient evidence) should be able to detain them (even without approval from the Chinese government)? If it were found that the United States were hacking, let's say, Great Britain, then wouldn't they have the right to arrest and prosecute those responsible? To me, it seems silly that we don't do this already.

  • At least not yet anyway...

    Doing so will further strain our peace with China and it will cause them to do underhanded things such as hold our debt over our head and make us do their bidding through our market. The Chinese will then try to do the same tactic to us except they will do it by using some made up crisis or violation like they do on their own people with internal consumption policies. I think someday though not tomorrow after we finish up our wars in the levant that we should go ahead and declare war on China instead with a good battle plan and good colonization strategey. They are the most populated country and that means the most workers. All their exports would become spoils and luxury shipments instead of foreign made goods and we could take all we want basically for free and have our own private gold mind of manpower technology and natural resources and could harvest anything we could imagine for ourselves as well much like we did with this continent several hundred years ago when european settlers sailed over and took over.

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