• I think the U.S should go into isolation.

    The reason I think the united states should go into isolation, is because their are to many people in our country that are hungry, suffering from oppression, and without homes. We have people in the middle east and around the globe that want to kill us just because they don't agree with how we do things. By closing the border we will limit/ or completely stop the number of illegal aliens from getting in the country and killing our citizens. Their are cartel members from Mexico recruiting kids that are in the country. We have isis coming in through the same way the illegal aliens are. I agree with the reasoning to not become Isolationist. But , what is the cost of trying to fix the rest of the world. We will have more lunatics trying to kill our military and civilians personal. Is it worth gaining more enemies trying to be the mediator in other peoples problems?

  • Benefitcial or is it?

    There any of those whom are surfing from hunger and sickness or homeless and so are many in other states if we help them what will do do in return? Will we have enough to treat our people? We should our citizens first and practice isolationism to focus on citizen. So many opposition groups wants to dominate us like the Isis, where were the times we helped other countries will they assist us?

  • We need to take care of Americans.

    The whole reason we're not isolationists anymore was because of WW2 and the Cold War. We are no longer in a world war or in a cold war. We are throwing money at other nations for no good reason. We need to draw back our economic stimulus packages for other nations and we need to draw back our military forces to remain at home where they are needed the most.

  • Take Care of Problems at Home

    The world hates us. Every single country that smiles when receiving our free money, businesses, exports and entertainment, flashes a grin and then speaks nothing but hate for us after the fact. Leave them all to their own fates. "Foreign imports will cease!" Yep and our domestic manufacturers will flourish. "There would be several wars without us to intervene on behalf of our allies!" So what?! Do you think for one moment that they would help us? Domestic goods, sold domestically, where sales tax goes back into the economy and boosts it. Soldiers who don't have to be deployed anywhere because they only worry about US interests. Finally, a decline and ultimate stop of the European push to force Americans to mutate into something that they find palatable. I know that global markets and global business climate will take a dive when America bows out and, you know what? Good! Let them see how much they needed this country that they all hate.

  • I believe that isolationism is the right choice

    I think we need isolationism because our country is spending more money on other country's then ourselves. If we move to isolationism that will change and we will get out of our 17 trillion dollars in debt. If we don't move to isolationism our debt will grow so big it will never be payed off.

  • We need to help ourselves before we can help others!

    If we can't stabilize our own economic situation, we will become weak and poor. If we become weak and poor, we will lose our position of richest most powerful country. If that happens then we couldn't help other countries because we didn't help ourselves. Basically, if we don't help ourselves first become stable and solid as a country, then there might not be the U.S. to help other nations.

  • Team America, World Police

    Our country is in a sad state, currently. While I do not support economic isolationism, I think a strict policy of neutrality going forward will be crucial to our success as a nation. Too much money is dumped into our wars in the East, as well as funding Israel. Our money and focus need to stay at home, so we can fix the rampant government corruption that has turned us into an oligarchy.

  • While i do not recommend Cutting ourselves off economically,

    We no longer need to police the world. We are in debt. We need to stop helping other people and help ourselves. If other countries want our help, they will ask, but we can't keep sticking our noses into other peoples business. In this globalized world, we need to become an economic superpower and let go of the military superpower of the past.

  • We have our own problems.

    We in the United States have always been worried about foreign problems, and perhaps a bit too much. Currently there is a growing split in the United States between people over things such as religion, wages, politics (Democrats vs Republicans), border policies, among so much more. Yes, we gain from foreign politics by making more money and having a place in the world, but we as a country need to come to a realization that we should sort ourselves out first and foremost before taking a stand as "The Number One Country in The World" as we like to think of ourselves. Our education system sucks, there is a MAJOR wealth gap that needs addressing, gay marriage is still illegal in many states DESPITE the push to have it legalized, everything becomes about religion and how the Christians are being persecuted, we do not have truly open borders to the north or south, and we are facing the fact that the educated few are being pushed out by the generalized mobs over issues such as marijuana and abortion (which everyone forgets was solved in Wade v Roe many years ago and women are now giving up the choices they can make with their own body).

  • Yeah, some people that are against Isolationism are right, but..

    The U.S doesn't currently have any allies in desperate need of assistance. I'm not saying we should be completely isolated- we should certainly still trade, have certain military bases throughout the world, but that's about it. I just don't see the point in kicking up some sand in the middle East. We took care of Osama and Hussein, why are we still there? Resources. The U.S needs to stop spending so much on military. Our current military budget is more than twice that of any other nation. It's a staggering ~$650,000,000 - EACH YEAR.

  • Great idea, but unachievable.

    Yes, we are spending money towards wars that we needn't be fighting, but what would happen if we were to drop out our foreign policy?

    Well for one, we have many countries worldwide as allies. So, what would become of these alliances if we were to all of a sudden drop out of these international conflicts?

    It's similar to if you were to see someone beating up your best friend while he is calling for your help. Yes, you want to help your friend in his time of need. Tho something crosses your mind. What if this guy is stronger than you? What if you get just as badly injured as your friend? So, you decide to not help your friend in fear of you getting hurt. You just stand as watch as your friend is hurt and attacked, ignoring his calls for help.

    Weeks pass and your friend doesn't speak a word to you. You know he's mad. He's pissed. How could you just stand there while he is attacked?

    Well, this is similar to the US's foreign policy. Currently if one of our allies, or friends, is attacked, they normally will ask for help if they need so. We help them in any way possible, and in return they help us when we need fit.

    If we were to ignore their cries for help in fear that we will be just as bad off as them, we risk losing a close ally; we risk losing a friend.

    We must also take into consider another possibility. They may go further than to ignore our cries as we did their's. They may attack us in response to our ignorance during their time of need.

    On September, 11th of 2001, two commercial jets crashed into the World Trade Center of New York City and one plane crashed right into the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.

    This was an attack of the Iraqi terrorist group known as Al Qaeda, lead by Osama bin Laden. When this attack happened we sent troops to Iraq to execute bin Laden and get revenge for the attack on our nation.

    Now we weren't able to just stroll into Iraq with weapons without their permission. Iraq allowed us in under one condition, we must rid their people of the popular terrorist group, Taliban.

    After bin Laden was taken care of, there were many US citizens upset that our troops were still in Iraq when our job was done.

    Many of us do not realize that we made a deal with Iraq. They help us get rid of bin Laden, and we are to rid them of the Talibans' terror.

    So, in reality, our job was not done. We had to hold up our end of the agreement.

    Now what would change if we were to not have an alliance with Iraq? Would Iraq care that bin Laden was attacking our nation? Would bin Laden just stop his attacks against us without Iraq's help? I think not.

  • Should the United States be an isolationist country?

    In a world that is becoming increasing globalized the United states of America needs to be as open as possible. Isolationism would cripple our economy, we need to import and export goods so we can have a growing economy. The idea of isolationism is insane, and the globalized economics we are seeing make it impractical.

  • No I don't think the United States should be an isolationist country

    Shutting ourselves off from the rest of the world, would not do us or those who wish to visit here any favors as free people. People should have the right to travel or move here as they see fit, same goes for buying or supplying goods here. I don't think there would be much of an upside to the United States becoming totally isolationist at all. So no I don't think we should become an isolationist country, we function better when working together with others.

  • Militarily Yes, Economically No

    The United States should not be an isolationist country. We pride ourselves on the melting pot of cultures and ideas that exist within our borders. Thanks to modern communication and the Internet, isolationism is very hard. Militarily, the United States needs to stop being the 9-1-1 service of the world. Immigration laws need to be upheld and the flood of illegal immigrants needs to be stopped. However, in a global economy it is impossible for the United States to isolate itself from everyone else.

  • We should not be an isolationist country.

    Cause the united states accept all people some time they fight for equality. United means together right last time i check cause the united states needs people to function and people need food and water so if we isolation how is food going to work cause we plant most of the crops on one side right one side of people would dying and the other would be rich in food. Most of the united states would be dead cause the united states also needs power to functions like the president so how is the president suppose to maintain order if he left half. I think the half that dose not have president i think that half is going to go nuts

  • This is not probable.

    I will not say much as I see plenty of relatable arguments. How would the U. S. Trade? Would we just. . . Not? What natural recourses do we have, As a country, That would cover the amount of recourses that we trade? How would this affect our economy? Terribly! America is ALSO in debt- see, All of these things are supporting factors that this AINT probable my dude.

  • We are safer fighting with our allies than by our self

    If we would have helped our allies take out hitler from the start he couldn't have caused as much trouble as he did because he wouldn't have been able to handle two armies at once. That is just one example from the past. There are plenty more examples I could use but I don't want to do research.

  • Definitely not a good idea.

    America being isolated is one of the worst ideas ever. Simply because if we cut our selves out from the real world and someone wages war and which they will. We will be by our selves with no one to defend us. It's ridiculous that we can't even be by ourselves for 1 minute without someone wanting to kill us all so therefore we have to have at least some type of foreign protection.

  • USA should not be isolated(hence when it was isolated in WW1)

    My Opinion: The US should not be isolated because the world is transforming rapidly. Globalization is a big part of how nations connect and work with each other. By being isolated, It is taking that away from the US and the rest of the world as well. For example, When US decided to be isolated after WW1 and not join the Treaty of Versailles, It was for a benefitting purpose of keeping peace within the nation and to not get involved within anything else. But this did not happen. US was not able to maintain that after a couple of years. Not to mention, USA was a main force in WW2 as well. So isolation did not do any good to USA.

  • It's an Impossibility, Anyway

    Solving problems of domestic hunger, Fixing the housing crisis, Paying back our tremendous debt. That all sounds great. Some would say the only way to achieve this is by adopting an isolationist policy. However, I disagree. If anything, Shutting ourselves off from the world would only make things worse. Severing all ties with other countries would shatter the economy. Not only would we be missing imports, Which we are sadly dependent on, We would be missing our market. The United States is one of the most prominent exporters in the world. Our products are known for being high quality and reliable. They are coveted in most countries. Isolating ourselves would destroy one of our largest sources of revenues, Thus crippling the economy. Not only that, Isolation would be extremely selfish. Of course, It is the government’s responsibility to see to Americans’ needs and improve conditions at home, But if they let the world fall into chaos, They are just as guilty as if they had left their own country fall into chaos. It is unethical to put ourselves above others. We are all human, And we need to help each other out. We live on the same planet and we cannot let others go making a mess of it or starting wars, Because whether we like it or not, We would eventually be roped in. Our isolation would make us weak. Without allies, An invasion would be disastrous. Not to mention that letting a war romp outside of our door is willingly letting our planet be at risk. At risk for destruction, Pollution, Death. Eventually, All of these factors would catch up to us; our air would become infected as well, Our oceans tarnished. However, More significantly than any of this is that American can never completely renounce its ties to other countries. The United States is known for being an immigrant country. With all the different nationalities represented in this unique country, It would be impossible to erase all the connections to outside countries. People would be aching for their home country, And as such, America can never be truly isolated.

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