Should the United States be communist? Will it help us and eventually the world grow?

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  • Life Will Be Better! Give us Communism!

    We should be communist because it will help our planet and other countries will follow because we are a world power. The hope is that we have one ultimate leader that makes all of the choices for everyone and we worship him has our God. We will be worry free because we do exactly what he says with no exceptions. Life would be easy, Relaxing, And fun. People underestimate the goodness of communism. If we are communist we are given free clothing, Free housing, Free everything. It is all paid for by the government. The only thing we have to do is what he tells us to do. It sounds so perfect, But it is much more perfect then it truly sounds. Join me in the push to make communism more popular and attractive! Let the future generations live capitalism free! Begone thots!

  • You a commie

    Look at any communist country. . . Look at any communist country. . . Look at any communist country. . . Look at any communist country. . . Look at any communist country. . . Look at any communist country. . . Look at any communist country. . . Look at any communist country. . . Look at any communist country. . . Look at any communist country. . . Look at any communist country. . . Look at any communist country. . .

  • Your idea would not work and communism has never truly existed.

    Your idea of having one leader who determines everything and makes everyone happy is not communism and would be worse than todays politics. This is because not everyone is the same in their political views as you either hate this guy or like him, Meaning there will be a stone wall of separation, Leading to possible violence and less of a together society than we have now. If this brand new perfect world was run by government, That is not communism that is democracy as people in the government will have opposing views and fail to reach an agreement. Also, If we voted to bring a certain person into power, It is democracy and some people will disagree with this choice which is defeating the whole point of communism. Marx basically said that communism is only properly achievable with no leader. Just imagine what would happen then, I'll give you a hint, It wouldn't be good.

    Another thing in your idea that I disagree with is the fact that you only look at the material side of a communist world. This means houses, Foods, Clothes, Not the people you are giving these things to. People with disabilities need different houses, Possibly having life easier which is unfair and is not communism. Clothes would have to be different sizes, Making life a whole lot harder for the government to produce as we don't pay for anything in your magical perfect world. Also, Imagine cleaners getting the same wage as a brain surgeon, Based on the years in training and the intensity of the job, This is just not fair.

    Finally, Getting America to become a communist country is impossible as it has a very wide range of wealth meaning lots of people prefer capitalism, Fascism and more.

    Thanks for reading, If anyone does.

  • Of course not.

    The reason we are number one in the world's economy is because of capitalism. Look at China, They thought communism would help them thrive, And look at them now! They are a capitalist nation with a communist government! Funny is it? Communism is not effective, It makes a country poor, And capitalism helps people thrive!

  • Communism is a great idea. But!

    Communism simply doesn't work, Because human beings are not hard wired to behave in this way. There are natural born leaders and natural born followers. Add this to the facts that human beings tend to be naturally selfish and also display a huge variation in mental acuity and you do not have a very good recipe for social equality.

  • Implementations of communism has be extraordinary destructive

    Former communist are the most directly aware of how bad communism/socialism is. There is a reason The Gulag Archipelago is required reading in Russian high schools.

    Currently we can see how Socialism played out to exhaustion in Zimbabwe and Socialism is be implemented in Venezuela and South Africa with predictably disastrous results.

    Communism/socialism is good for remove all inequality and fully resetting a society. It is like a total war, For instance you would see this in a post war scenario like in Germany or Japan. You can see the results of a full implementation of Socialism in China, Russia, Cambodia or Zimbabwe or Ethiopia.

    Should the United States be communist? – The United States would be completely destroyed if communism was implemented.

    Will it help us and eventually the world grow? - Hard to tell exactly how it would affect the rest of the world. Implementing communism would almost surely cause an American civil war which would likely go nuclear and worse at some point. And it would suck in other nations. It would as all implementations of communism be extraordinary destructive. Nuclear wars are very destructive. It would change the world.

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