• The United States

    I personally agree,The US should be the first one to denuclearize because the very fact that they have them in their arsenal provokes other countries into making and owning them as well. US is the only country to have ever used them as well. If they speak of peace, then why should they speak with mouth of fangs? And even without the nukes, US still has the most count of weapons per person, they can still defend without nukes.

  • The United States should be denuclearized

    The United States is encouraging other countries to stop making and destroy their nuclear weapons, however, the United States must lead by example. No other nation wants to give up arms if they suspect that another country will turn around and attack them. By refusing to give up our own nuclear weapons, we are only showing other countries that we don't trust them. Since we don't trust other countries, other countries won't trust us.

  • the united states

    They will be out to commit more.No, reducing the amount of juvenile offenders in prison will not lower crime rates, because the people will be more likely to out on the streets committing crime. Some people are always going to be predisposed to be unable to follow the law. These people should be disabled by being in jail, so that they cannot be out hurting other people.

  • For sure no

    No, we do not need to have our nuclear weapons taken, because if we are ever attacked this would be the way that we fight back, and we will be able to completely level another country with these massive weapons that we keep as a defense against any other country.

  • A Nuclear U.S. is better than one without.

    As scary as nuclear weapons may be, the threat the U.S. military has in retaliation to any nation that goes too far far outweighs the risks of not having these weapons. Wars are the norm in a world where the balance of power is nearly equal and a nation that values liberty and has government accountable to citizens is one which one that has overseen a long-standing tradition of relative peace as compared to past centuries.

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