Should the United States be involved in fighting ISIS?

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  • US should be involved, with exceptions

    If you do not intervene when a wildfire breaks loose, it will take the whole forest. The US should continue to fight ISIS from the air. I do not believe we should put boots on the ground, however we need to work with other countries and pound the strongholds. If we crush the enemy from the air, it gives ground armies a tactical advantage to take the enemy territory and eliminate any who remain. After the ISIS territory is taken, it needs to remain secure. It needs to be occupied by troops for some time, preventing it from being taken over. Using it as a supply base and training facility would also increase the productivity of the war on ISIS. Ideally ISIS needs a multiple front war, the US, France and Russia should all attack in different areas and work to push ISIS into the the middle and continue to squeeze until they pop. As I've said, as the get hit from the air the ground troops need to secure the land; so communication is absolutely necessary for success.

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