Should the United States be involved in the politics of North Korea?

  • There are people dying.

    Yes, the United States should be involved in the politics of North Korea, because there are too many people living in horrible conditions and being tortured to ignore. The United States cannot be the city on a hill if we do not stand up for what is right. There is too much harm in North Korea to ignore it.

  • No, we can not afford another war.

    The people of North Korea have a horrible dictatorship in place and they are living through a very repressive time. However, it is not up to the United States to intrude in that situation except for maintaining our standards and boundaries. That is why we need a global institution, such as the United Nations to have its own plan that involves many nations.

  • No not really.

    The United States should not be involved in the politics of another country, let alone North Korea. I do not think that the US should try and force people into believing and doing things there way and that is how it comes off. I do think we should be more understanding.

  • America Should Focus On Its Own Domestic Problems

    A bankrupt and decaying nation such as the present US should be concerned with it's own domestic problems first and foremost. It should quit depleting its remaining resources with ill intentioned efforts to police the world into following its every whim. It simply can not afford to continue overextending itself in these pursuits even if they did make an logical sense.

  • The U.S. should not be involved with North Korea.

    The United States should not be involved in the politics of North Korea because the U.S.A has been too heavy-handed in their involvement with other countries. It is too financially expensive to pay attention and try to treat the problems of other countries when the U.S.A. has so many problems of its own.

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