• Yes they should

    I think that the United States should be isolationist so that way we can stop helping poor countries and help our own country ok and yes I think that the USA should become a isolationist country ok ok ok ok ok ok so yeah my final answer is yes bye bye

  • No, I don't believe the United States should be isolationist.

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  • George Washington said to.

    Yes, the United States should be isolationist, because it would prevent us from being overextended into foreign affairs. In his address when he left office, George Washington warned the country not to get involved in foreign affairs. That we have has caused a great loss of life to Americans, because many have died fighting overseas.

  • The United States should at least try isolationism.

    How would the world react to a redaction of all US foreign aid, and troop deployments? If the US got its tentacles out of the rest of the world's business as many countries complain, and just left it alone for a year. We would still have trade, transport, and immigration. These things would all function as normal. The big changes would just be that all military operations outside of the US would stop. These troops would be redeployed to both land borders and major points of entry. All foreign aid would stop. How would the world function for one year without those two things?

  • Isolationism will hurt more than help.

    I think that Isolationism, if adopted by the United States today, will hurt our image more than help our image. In this day and age, other countries do rely on the United States (for example, countries in a tighter economic strain) to help through free trade. Additionally, other countries turn to us in times of foreign policy assistance. By adopting isolationist ideas, other countries may not directly assist back, and in times in which foreign policy needs to come to a compromise, tensions could increase, and the image of the United States will more than likely be tarnished.

  • No, the United States should not be isolationist.

    Certain threats, including global warming, disease, and hunger affect humanity on a global scale. The United States has the resources to help other nations. In time, population growth will exacerbate the problems we are seeing today. As an affluent nation, the United States is in a position to ignore petty border disputes and contribute to humanity as a whole, rather than just its own citizens. Isolation would only expose those were are currently helping to further pain and suffering.

  • No, I don't believe the United States should be isolationist.

    I believe the United States needs to retain it's stance as a global player on the economic and military stage, I don't believe the United States should be rushing into and starting conflicts but I believe that the United States needs to send a clear message that if a Ally is attacked then the United States will back that ally military and economically.

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