• We cannot be a Superpower abroad if we are not a Superpower at home.

    This is why the world hates us so much. This is why terrorists want to bomb us. This is why our standing in the world has fallen so much. Its because we are not strong at home. As harsh as it seems, we need to ignore any other conflicts that go on in the world. Its not our country, so its not our problem. We are pouring billions of dollars under the guise of foreign aid to countries that don't even like us! How about we turn that foreign aid, into domestic aid because we need it. Look at other countries like Japan, Germany, Canada, who are all strong countries but usually do not interfere in world affairs and because of that, they are stable, peaceful countries. If we want to stop being a target of terrorism and verbal hate, then we should just let the fire burn in world affairs, and only intervene when our country is being threatened. We need to stop nation-building other countries and start nation-building at home.

  • Fix Your Own Problems

    Until The US can get it's own house in order, they should be less concerned with world affairs, unless it threatens national security. Especially, with all the hot spots that are sprouting up. It just is to expensive to help all these countries out. It could be crippling to our economy if this continues.

  • Yes, the USA should be less involved in world affairs.

    I think the USA should definitely be less involved in world affairs. Unless a matter is in need of dire intervention by the USA, it would be beneficial as a country to stay out of matters that do not involve us. Not only would it benefit us financially, it would also put less of our citizens and soldiers in danger should a matter involve military issues.

  • Keep it here

    Yes, I do think that we are to involved with the events that are happening across the world, when we need to stop helping all of the others, and need to start looking for ways that we can solve the debt crisis that we are going through in this country.

  • No, the United States cannot afford to be less involved.

    Sometimes it seems like we have our noses in everybody's business, but I do not think it would be wise to be less involved than we are. Some countries are ruled by dictators, some have no respect for human life, some are aggressive and some are rather volatile. More countries have nuclear capabilities. The United States, as a democracy and a super power, needs to continue to be involved in world affairs for the sake of humanity.

  • The US shoudl be involved in world affairs.

    Fact: the US has to be involved in global affairs, question is how much? To totally withdraw would leave many of our economic interests at risk, which would leave to a destabilization of our markets. But the converse idea of complete involvement is bad too. The US goal should be to protect its interests worldwide, both economically, and human rights wise.

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