Should the United States be militarily involved in the crisis in Libya?

  • Rights of civilians and chemical warfare threat

    The United States government should be involved in quelling the problem in Syria but only to a certain extent. Due to this imminent possibility of the use of chemical weapons and the threat to the lives of civilians, the United States should help with these two problems. Any other reason besides these two would be completely unjustified.

  • I believe that the United States should be militarily involved in the crisis in Libya because as one of the leader's in the international community, the United States cannot stand idly by while Gadhafi destroys his people.

    For many decades the United States has taken the lead when it comes to foreign crisis. From Grenada and North Korea, to the 1991 and 2003 Gulf wars, all the way to providing aid to Africa and many other countries, and international military cooperation. The United States has led the international community in establishing stability in the world.

    Posted by: R4yAnych
  • Yes, because I think the U.S. has a duty to help promote a safer world.

    I believe that the United States would be acting in a humanitarian role, rather than as an imposing force taking away Libya's sovereignty. If no help is given, then innocents could die.

    Posted by: GiddyBennie29
  • Should Have Stayed Out

    The United States should have stayed out of the crisis in Libya because it could have easily turned into another Iraq War. Fortunately, the conflict didn't. However, the United States can't have it both ways. The world got involved in Libya at the behest of the international community and because of oil interests. Yet the Syrian civil war has gone on for years with no intervention. Should the U.S. also support rebels in Syria as well with military firepower?

  • I Believe Us military are wasting their time and money by attempting to help the situation in Libya.

    Violence has only increased since US military troops have interfered with Libya, which has not really benefited Libyan civilians. I think US should respect the sovereignty of Libya and let them face the issues on their own, without adding to the chaos and violence. At the moment the US should concentrate on their economic situation and the war in Afghanistan, before interfering unnecessarily with Lybia.

  • No, the troops should not be there, because we should not be concerned about Libya.

    We've been over there long enough, and still fighting the Bush war is crazy. Get out of there, already. Obama is doing the right thing by pulling our troops and saving Americans lives. They need to rise and overcome the things they have to deal with. Let's focus on the USA. That's more important than Libya.

    Posted by: FriendlyEzra34
  • Libya is not a security concern to the U.S., or any of its allies.

    Revolution in Libya does not affect the security or stability of the U.S., or any of its allies. No possible outcome to the conflict would change this situation. As a result, it is not justified for the U.S. to get involved militarily in the conflict. At most, the only thing warranted is a support role for countries that have a bigger concern in the outcome of the conflict.

    Posted by: KnownEvan
  • The United States does not need to keep intervening in every foreign country's problems.

    The United States, though with best intentions at heart, should not be interfering in Libya. Our military is already divided across the globe, poking in on countries everywhere and, in some cases, not helping the problem. Considering the economic situation the U.S. is in, we should not spend needed money aiding Libya.

    Posted by: SpikyWesley
  • The United States military should not be involved in the crisis in Libya because our military is already over-extended.

    The United States military is already involved in conflicts all over the world. The United States spends more on air conditioning for its military than it does on NASA. It is time to decide what conflicts are less important that domestic issues.

    Posted by: SqualidVaughn
  • No, I disagree that the United States military should be involved in the crisis in Libya because, when we have troubles, these countries don't rush to our aid, and we have our own problems we need to focus on.

    No, I disagree that the United States military should be involved in the crisis in Libya, because we have our own problems to work out and no one comes rushing to our aid when we have problems. Just because we are considered a strong country that represents freedom, it doesn't mean we can save the world, and we should stop acting like we can. By getting ourselves involved in all of these other countries' problems, we are making our problems larger and becoming weaker. Libya should stand on their own and figure it out. It's called life. Our country is struggling and needs to ignore every other problem in the world, while fixing our own.

    Posted by: I33Iess
  • No, because we don't really know who the rebels are and what their policies would be.

    I'm against military involvement, because we don't have a clear picture of who the rebels are and what their policies would be. I think too much of the focus is getting Qaddafi out. Right now, this country is in two wars, and one of them is in Afghanistan, which also has no clear goal and no end in sight.

    Posted by: wait4me2fall
  • The United States should stay out of Libya.

    The United States gets involved in the business of other countries businesses way too often. We have our own hardships to face and our own country to run. If we stayed out of other people's business, the United States would probably be in less debt, and we would be a much happier country. We don't need to send our families over to fight other people's wars.

    Posted by: 54bIinkRede
  • I do not think the military should be involved in Libya, because it's just another place that we should not stick our nose into.

    I do not think the United States of America should be militarily involved in the crisis in Libya. Many other countries dislike America because we always stick our nose in places where it does not belong. This is just another example. We should be using this money spent on Libya to help those in need here in our own country.

    Posted by: TickoCa22

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