Should the United States be training and supplying arms to Syrian rebels?

Asked by: Rhett_Butler
  • Yes we should

    We aren't talking about storming into Damascus and waging the war out selves and taking out Al Assad. We're talking about giving the rebels weapons and supplies and teaming in order to give them an even playing field against an enemy who has already killed 100,000 civilians in just 2 years and has used chemical weapons, something that should have gotten the international community to IMMEDIATELY do something. These rebels are fighting for freedom against a corrupt and oppressive regime and dictator. To say we should deny them that is completely against everything we are. Or have you forgotten our history? We spend billions of dollars on humanitarian aid each year and we provide weapons, supplies, military assistance and training to hundreds of nations across the globe. Why the hell would we deny this on group when we help so many others? Obama just gave a crap load of tanks and jets to the Egyptian president and he's part of the Muslim Brotherhood. Where wee all you whine bags then?

  • Why in the World?

    Now when I voted I see that nobody was in favor of "yes" which is comforting,showing that the sight is filled with intelligent rational people. Why would the US arm rebels, let alone a ton of foreign citizens, because whatever they do with those weapons is on us, its our fault. So who's great idea was it to pick out Syrian Rebels? Thumbs Down

  • Don't do it

    First of all according to critics the evidence is unclear about the use of sarin gas in Syria. Second of all Syria has Iran and Russia on its side, Russia have extensively been arming the Syrian authorities with extensive weapons. If we go to war with Syria, we could also start a war against one of the worlds superpowers.

    Posted by: Rips
  • Russia Supports the Regime

    America supremacy is on the West, let the Russians handle their own people, plus with Russia supporting Syria, it might escalate to a whole different level of conflict. This would be just like Georgia in 2008. The US is already making preparations to leave Afghanistan by 2014.

    Please lets stay at peace. Let the people handle their own problems, We tried this in Vietnam it did not work. We tried it in Georgia in 2008 it did not work,

    Let the US live a day at peace, maybe then we can use that money for more important matters.

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