Should the United States become a communist country?

  • Yes it is the Way of Islam

    Our prophet (SAW) Had a economic system that is. Almos identical to communism. Communism is a great thing it is something were the poor may be fed and health may be promised and jobs shall be every were and the way of modernnazation if we can't have a socialized economy and we don't have populism than we are a joke as a nation.

  • Communism isn't that all bad

    Many of the positive things about communism as it has been practiced and realised in actuality are not known to the general public. For example, that a policy of full employment was accompanied by free housing. The poorest people in russia had a happier and more secure existence under soviet rule than they do today when they can find themselves homeless, counting themselves lucky to work unreasonable hours for little pay for capitalists, and in a society where there is a lot of corruption, crime and sleaze, and the mafia is strong. If communism doesnt work it is nevertheless true that what it was replaced with is little better, and in a number of ways worse.

  • Americans think that communism is

    A dictatorship ruled by an uneleceted leader and, the government would have complete control over everyone's lives eventually resorting to killing and kidnapping "undesirable" individuals. This is simply not true. There may be some countries in the world that may say that they are communist, (DPRK, PRC, Vietnam) however they are only power hungry dictatorships, (some more then others.) And even in the past few years, China has started to stray away from communism more and more. The only real example left in the world of a truly functional communist society is Cuba. Yes Cuba may have its problems but, I have been there. It most certainly isn't as rich as any developed country. Its GDP is below the world average. But the people there are happy and aren't begging at all. And not just the rich. When I went to Jamaica, the people with money were very happy, but those begging on the side of the streets looked like they haven't eaten in a week. Please don't tell me that people begging for food are happy. In Cuba, if you cant afford a house, you will get one. If you need medical attention, you will get it. If you need food, you will get it.

    Corporate greed has infected the richest one percent in America as it has for the past many years. Making insane sums of money and paying next to nothing in taxes. Why does a white american who makes $50 million only pay 5% taxes while a black person, struggling to make ends meet because he can't find a job due to racial profiling, pay 37% or more. It just doesn't feel right.

    Communism is not evil, its just that Americans don't understand what it is. It is not an evil, Constitution breaking, undemocratic, censoring, nuclear driven war machine. You can still have a democratic election in a communist country, its just that no communist country has legitimate democratic elections. A democratic country may still have the death penalty (USA, USA). A communist government doesn't have to break the rules of the constitution.

    Communism is not evil, people who work hard can still be rewarded. Communism is creating a floor that nobody will fall under.

  • Communism has not always proven to be the best but.

    Look, communism is a really good system for many. It may not be the best for all, but for those who choose to follow the communist party, it is ideal. Lennism is great for the working people and for the middle class. I cannot drive nor can I work full time yet. I may still be young but I have found the path of a glorious communist system. It may not be ideal for all. But understand how glorious our lives could be if we took a chance to see the truth about everything. We are blind, but we can have a chance to truly see. For Lenin, For communism.

  • It hasnt been applied properly

    Think about it, lenin was killed by stalin and then stalin turned the country into a stalinist country killing millions. Mao wanted communism but ended up with one of the most capitolist countries in the world. And if you think north koreas communist then you havent read a book about communism ever.

    Posted by: Marx
  • Communist will allow us to move foward

    Democracy works IF The people is not selfish and greedy, and only wanted to be wealth, and not for the common people. Communist is not the same as stalinist (which by the way is exactly what you people think, dictators). We could still maintain most of our rights like freedom of speech, press, movement, etc.

  • It is could help with crime

    With the u.S.'s current form of government the rich but guilty get away with the worst of crimes and the poor and innocent get punished for doing nothing. But in a communist government the innocent are free and the guilty are most of the time punished because money doesn't realy matter.

  • Communism is in line with American Ideals

    America was founded upon a belief in freedom and equality for all. If it achieved true communism, then America would have perfect equality, and additionally, if Congress was only one party, then a lot more would get done. The current corrupt Congress isn't working, and if America was communist, relations with China would be greatly improved. Communism is a utopia, and it can easily be integrated into the American mind.

  • Yes, but it depends on many aspects and needs to be well thought out.

    True communism is not a bad thing. It is what we see, the Russians and China that had it that fails. That was not nor ever true communism.

    What we have seen in history is not what Karl Marx has spoke of on true communism. If it meant rewriting the constitution in someway, fine. The paper is not perfect and would be best to be rewritten better stronger more rational minds of today.

  • It's going to happen whether we want to or not

    With corporations getting more and more able to corrupt the political system .The people interest will be second to the interest of the corporations and the government will fall to this with most government agencies working on keeping the small business more inline with regulations and rules than the bigger fish that steal and take more than any other small business. These agencies do this so afterwards they can get a job and alot higher pay to work for the corporations that they help keep safe from them. It's a revolving door effect in government agencies and big corporations . So it's either be governed by big corporation interests or choice the right ways I to getting fairness and equality among the citizens and create a Utopian state in the united states with the peoples interest first in how we get there and how we keep it in a hover standard of living then that of other communist countries who have tried communism the right way how ever it may end up I hope it's for the best of everyone in the country not just for the one ruler

  • Why should we?

    Democracy is important. If we lose democracy we would lose all of our rights. Human rights are important. Look at North Korea for example. Do we really want to be like them. So no we shouldn't be Communist. Fix our country. No communism. Never. We will not allow it to happen.

  • No, the Unityed States should not become a communist country.

    The United States' free market system has allowed Americans a free reign on their businesses and careers. If the US were to become a communist country, all markets and countries will be affected. Although America does have a great income gap right now, Americans would definitely not get properly awarded.

  • We are #1 without communism

    Why change over??? There's no reason. Communism never worked. No communist country was ever #1. Oh, and there will ALWAYS be that one corrupt leader trying to benefit for him or herself. In my opinion, democracy is what got us this far, and there is no reason to cause a SUDDEN change which may spark revolutions everywhere.

  • The USA Should Not Be Communist

    The United States is already the best country in the world. We are truly the land of the free. Going the communist route will definitely ruin our reputation and our way of life. The way we have freedom of speech is simply beautiful. Communism would end our rights and end our run as the fairest country.

  • Of course not!

    Communism is the most evil, degenerate political, economic and social system on the planet, and for the constitutional republic of the United States of America to become communist would be the worst possible insult to every single principle this country was founded on. The very fact that 40% of the people approve communism on this poll shows the amount of foreigners giving their worthless leftist on America's interests! God bless the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the USA.

  • Never. United Statess of America should not be communist.

    The United States of America should not be communist. It should stay as it is. I live in that country and I would not like to live in it anymore if it becomes communist. I hope it doesn't and I hope it never will. This country is a very important country and a very good country. I like it how it is and I will never try to get it to become communist. That is my speech. MURICA!

  • Not no, but hell no!

    Communism is nothing more than shared misery on steroids. It is antithetical to our Constitution and everything that made this country great. Producers will produce less and takers will take whatever is left, until there is nothing left to take. Corruption in government will soar to unprecedented levels in this country, and favoritism will be the flavor of the day, every day. The agenda will become more important than anything else; freedom of speech and religion will things of the past, and dissent will have to be dealt with swiftly and harshly in order to protect the agenda and those behind it. Society will become morally deficient and envy will dominate amongst those who share the misery but have very little for others to be envious of. The value of the dollar will all but collapse and be worthless on the world stage as the government increases quantitative easing, each time devaluing the dollar more. People will be disincentivized from excelling in the work environment, and success based on merit will be frowned upon. Lenin couldn't have been more right when he coined the term, "Useful Idiots".

  • I hope the American people are not that stupid.

    This nation is the only nation with a government that is for the people and by the people. I admit we have some real doozies up in Washington D.C. But thankfully we also have some up there that know that a totalitarian government does not work. Up until a few decades ago this conversation would not even be considered. I have managed to work and travel all over the world and the one thing that I noticed was the very, very, long lines at our embassies and consulates! When the visa applicant were asked. Why the wanted to go to America the majority of them replied they wanted to be free. Communism and socialism in America ??? Not no but, HELL NO

  • The world turned on it's head

    It is astonishing to me that this is even a topic for debate. The framers of the Constitution were the radicals of their time. They had first hand experience with Government Tyranny. These men were the prodigy of the Age of Enlightenment. This was a movement that recognized individual human rights as superior to any power of Government. After the American Revolution these men and women could have set up a Constitutional Monarchy that would have a King as head of state. That would have been far easier, and in fact the norm of the time. Instead our fathers chose to go all in, and give us something completely new. The US Constitution. This stands as the single most important document in human history. This document alone gives all Americans freedom from the tyranny of power. It would be a sad day to see this opportunity given us, thrown away only because of the fear of life itself.

  • Human Nature say no

    Unfortunately It is in our nature to want more than what we have. Greed is a natural part of our existence and is the biggest obstacle in the creation of a communist society. Any communist society that is formed will quickly be destroyed by one of the fundamental parts of human nature. Those who argue for the creation of a communist society assume that people will be content will their life. Human nature has shown that this is next to impossible short of brainwashing or something along those lines. Plus American is one of the biggest financial centers on earth. If the United States were to become communist it would be a HUGE blow to the worlds economy. All the country's who have invested in the states, and there are many of them , would see their money disappear. While communism looks good on paper, in reality human nature would be it's undoing.

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Jesusacosta_3050 says2016-11-28T20:02:44.697
United States should be a communist nation with spanish as a official communist language