• Yes, Us should help bail out Russia

    Bailing out Russia would be a financial arrangement. If the financial terms are good, then why not invest in bailing out another country. Is this not the whole idea of a capitalist economy. In reality there is no hard currency exchanged, the funds used to help would be in the form of electronic denominations.

  • With the following CONDITIONS:

    1. Russia returns sovereignty over Crimea to the Ukraine.
    2. Russia stops sending arms or funding to rebel groups in Ukraine.
    3. Russia cancels all Ukrainian debt, this is reparations for the harm Russia has caused to Ukraine. Cancel Ukraine's debt and call it even.
    4. Withdraw military support for separatists in Abkhazia, South Ossetia, and any other places I am forgetting.

    To help Russia save face:
    1. Ukraine agrees to proactively investigate and prosecute cases of discrimination or hate crimes against ethnic Russians. Failure to do so can be dealt with in an international tribunal, and punishment shall be economic sanctions from Russia, the United States, and the EU.
    2. Crimea and some other provinces are allowed to have Russian as a second official language, to make the subject mandatory in schools alongside Ukrainian, and to make provisions for schools that provide primary instruction in the Russian language for parents who want to send their children there.
    3. Abkhazian, Ossetian, and Russia languages get similar privileges in the relevant separatist areas if the separatists agree to a peace treaty ending their rebellion.
    4. Amnesty for the rebels.

  • They are a threat

    All due respect to the people of the Russian Federation who are suffering an economy meltdown, Russia is a threat. They have invaded the Republic of Ukraine, annexed the Republic of Crimea, made the Dontesk and Luhansk People's Republic's their protectorates essentially. They need to pay for their crimes, and pull out of Ukraine, and never again have a millitary!

  • The United States should not bail out Russia.

    The United States should not bail out Russia. With debt spiraling out of control and an overly bloated government, the United States should not be bailing rush out of anything. Besides, Russia has not been our ally of late. The United States cannot afford to, nor should it, supply its enemies with the financial capital it needs to destroy the United States.

  • No we should not bail them out

    We have no business bailing out anyone right now. We can't even bail ourselves out of debt. Something to think about, we probably caused their economic woes anyway. The country was doing well with their oil sales and then the bottom dropped out due to the sudden availability of excess oil in the U.S. This is ok though, Russia has long sustained its economy by suppressing those of their neighbors.

  • We should not bail out Russia

    We should not bail out Russia. Some people will say that we can make money off of them if we issue bonds at higher interest rates, but the truth is it is too risky, and making Russia stronger might actually hurt us politically if they try to make war in the future.

  • They are an enemy.

    If Russia wanted our help, they should have spent time trying to have a friendlier relationship with us. Russia has done some terrible things, for example, taking over Crimea. We should have attacked them when they did that. Russia has made it clear that we are not friends, and we should not be friends now.

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