Should the United States become more aggressive in the fight against ISIS?

  • Aggression definitely required

    The American and global response to ISIS has been pathetically timid and tame, and it has been in response to a bunch of hippies who claim that violence won't solve it. Al Qaeda was destroyed efficiently because of boots on the ground. The only reason ISIS has built such momentum and seized so many oil fields and become to powerful both militarily and financially is because they have been allowed to do it as according to hippies western intervention and military action is wrong. ISIS success is down to the people who so adamantly claim military action is wrong.

  • The US needs to take drastic measures to defeat ISIS

    The US and other Western nations are fighting against terrorism in a humane way. This is a problem. These terrorists have no rules and are fighting without rules and their only goal is kill as many US citizens as possible. In order to defeat an enemy like this, drastic and aggressive measures should and need to be taken!

  • The United States become more aggressive in the fight against ISIS

    While I agree that the United States should become more aggressive in the fight against ISIS, I believe we should implement aggressive measures at home, here in the U.S and protect our borders. I strongly believe that our presence in the middle east is incentive for ISIS to fight, grow and continue its terrorism against us.

  • The United States should not become more aggressive in the fights against ISIS.

    As one of the most powerful nations in the world, the United States government often feels inclined to intervene in events around the world. We respond to national disasters in other countries, and supply troops to support wars in third world countries. In my opinion, our intervention in the Middle East has resulted in the development of extreme terrorist groups such as ISIS. They resent our involvement and intrusion in their countries. By becoming more aggressive against ISIS, we will only further their hatred against the United States. We should remove our troops from the middle east and only respond to direct aggression within our borders.

  • No, don't fall for it!

    Is the entire point of ISIS not to provoke others to violence? If we become persue them aggressively, we are just giving them exactly what they're after, which further promotes their narrative, and rallies more people to their cause. As President Obama put it, "Ideologies are not defeated with guns, they’re defeated by better ideas."

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