Should the United States become more involved in fighting against Hezbollah?

  • Yes, it poses a threat.

    Yes, the United States should become more involved in fighting against Hezbollah, because Hezbollah poses an ongoing threat to American interests. Hezbollah has been persistent, and they have inflicted a great deal of suffering. The United States needs to step in because of the great deal of human suffering. We should not ignore the problem because we don't stand to profit.

  • No the United States should not target Hezbolla for military actions.

    Hezbollah is currently classified by the United States government as a terrorist organization. However there is no hard evidence Hezbollah has targeted US facilities or personnel for attacks. If the US were to become more involved in responses to attacks on other countries we would be inviting terrorist attacks on US assets by Hezbollah.

  • Not unless they attack us

    If this group in Lebanon does not directly pose a threat to the United States, then no they should not become more involved in fighting against them. Right now the country here is deep in debt, and we have plenty of our own problems that need to be attended to first.

  • Not unless they attack us.

    The United States should only become more involved in fighting against Hezbollah if that terrorist organization conducts operations on American soil or against Americans abroad. Hezbollah are not a domestic issue at this time. We must stop fighting Israel's battles, and they must reconcile to protect their own interests from now on.

  • No More Military Involvement

    I do not believe the United States should become more involved in fighting against Hezbollah. America has been over burdened with war campaigns over the last ten years and we have spent for too much money on these campaigns. I do not think we should get involved in anything war related at this time.

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