Should the United States begin charging Mexico for every illegal immigrant that crosses the border and has to be sent back?

Asked by: Gizers
  • Not just our responsibility

    Though the immigrants are crossing into our territory, it is just as much our border as it is the country of Mexico's. Mexico should be doing their part in preventing drug trafficking and illegal immigration and if they don't, then it should not be American taxpayer's money that is sending the immigrants back to their home country. It should be the responsibility of the country that is not doing anything to prevent it.

  • This has got to be stopped!

    It's an outrage! The women come into our country, give birth and they become legal citizens, and worse, we are being forced to speak their language! When these women come here then, they're given everything they need, you see these little Mexican babies wearing a $200 pair of shoes, and the mother doesn't get a job. Ridiculous.

  • In 2013 alone the U. S. Gov granted Mexico 265 million in foreign aid. I got this from

    We could reduce the amount of aid we give by some percentage depending on the amount of illegal immigrants and/or the cost of the temporary housing and food that the immigrants use while the government filters the people that they will deport from those that they wont. Based on criminal history and possible U.S. relatives.

  • Mexico is an enemy of the USA

    They have invaded our country deliberately and allow this to happen. Additionally, terrorists come through Mexico. Yet Mexico's southern border is secure as Fort Knox and Mexico's immigration policy is hard as nails. Hypocrisy! Send Mexico the bill! If they can't pay, invade them and seize their assets, oil, and government and make the needed corrections. Mexico is playing us as saps! Time to strike back!

  • WE are already charged, why shouldn't Mexico?

    Mexico is doing nothing to stop their people, and in turn we suffer for it. WE should charge Mexico for the cost of caring for illegals. Believe me, they'll smarten up and stop their citizens from coming over. There are over 20 million illegals currently, many because of 'Anchor babies.' I say take the mom and baby and put them back to Mexico. Illegals shouldn't get health care, financial aid, jobs, or food stamps. Let them be forced to go back or starve.

  • Yes we should.

    Why should the United States have to pay for Mexico's lack of control over it's citizens and border? It is not our responsibility to control their citizens, but unfortunately this is what it has come down to. Crossing the border illegally is just that: it is ILLEGAL. Against the law. A federal crime. A criminal offense. Whatever you may call it, it is not allowed and the people of the United States should not have to pay to send them back to where they came from.

  • Mexico is responsible for it's people.

    They are responsible for their citizens, not us. We shouldn't be spending billions to keep their people on their side of the border.

    Now I'm not saying pay all of it, because the US has some responsibility too, but we should be compensated for the expenses our tax payers have to make.

  • Yes but so should everyone.

    As they are citizens of that nation that means they are the responsibility of that nation therefore any crimes they commit in a different nation it is up to the home nation to take responsibility. Now I not just saying this for illegal immigrants from Mexico but that all nations should follow this. Including US citizens.

  • I say no

    I say no because I have some friends from Mexico who's family crossed the border when they were little. I have become real close to some of the Mexican's at my school and I love hanging out with them their really funny and lovable too. I never want any of them to leave my side.

  • This idea will backfire

    Illegal border crossing is a criminal offense and there used to be time when illegal immigrants have to spend time in prison before being repatriated.

    But due to the volume of illegal immigrants and the cost to imprison them, the US opted for immediate repatriation.

    So to generalize, your idea is to charge a receiving country when the US repatriates a person that has committed a crime who they rather not put in their own prisons.

    But by virtue of reciprocity, every country should be able to do the same to the US.
    This includes Asian countries frequented by American sex tourists.

    Posted by: DT
  • I dont agree

    I don't believe this to be a fair comment as this process being carried out by Mexican nationals is still an illegal act in the eyes of Mexican authorities. They do attempt to enforce a policy of not travailing across the border. They are breaking the laws of both countries. Therefor accepting personal responsibility for their actions. If you thought of the same scenario but with an American national crossing to Mexico, i'm sure many U.S. Citizens hearing about the U.S. Getting charged for it would be appalled

  • Thatch absurd, We all love free labor? Aren't we "~" ?

    Mexicans are fun loving people. Their genes and colors are more tantalizing to the taste of most Americans. Worst off, Mexico has far more reserve resources than the states have ^.^. So if you start charging them, that would be like killing the golden goose. Oh, i had met my 50 word count ^^.

  • How would we enforce this? War?

    Like Mexico is going to just roll over and agree to this. It isn't Mexico's fault that people choose to break the law and cross the border. Mexico does not condone this. Trying to make a law like this would be ignored by Mexico and just make Mexicans angry at the US and lead to tensions. There's no way short of war to enforce this and we don't need a war with Mexico.

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