Should the United States bomb Isis? If not, what should they do?

Asked by: marytank
  • US Needs to Bomb IS

    IS is just growing bigger and bigger, looping more and more people in. Before long they will have a big enough army to move forces to other continents. The only way to stop them is to destroy them and every tie they have. Bombing instills fear into everyone and might make possible future extremists groups not want to rise up in fear of the US' wrath. The only other way we could possibly handle IS is to completely isolate them, but that would not be morally satisfying, especially because we would leave so many innocent people on a continent with the most deadly militant group in the world.

  • Yes yes yes

    Who cares all they do is terrorist attack just bomb the area there in, found it and kill them because sooner that we bomb the quicker its over with , remember WW II they bombed japan and they gave up we should do it again but to the ISIS faggots of Iraq like japan recovered over that we are great together just bomb them who cares They've killed more then us killing them so just bomb them.

  • Should us bomb isis

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  • Why is this even a question?

    1) You bomb ISIS, then you are risking killing innocent people as well. If its an atomic bomb, then that would be totally disastrous for the entire world.
    2) You don't just bomb someone, no matter how evil they are. Everyone would kill everyone else if that was acceptable, which it isn't. It better stay that way.
    3) It's just plain stupid.

  • The US would be the terrorists

    IS exists among civilians and bombs do not do a good job of discriminating. If the US were to try to bomb IS, countless innocents would be caught in the crossfire. Instead the US should stop fighting in the Middle East. Pull out. Second we should choose a side. Seriously, so far we have been supporting all sides in a three or more sided civil war. We say that we want to fight IS and Assad, IS says they want to fight Assad and the US, Assad wants to fight IS. Then you throw in some more rebel fighters and you get a whole lot of chaos. Once we pick a side, we back that side without question, and once the war ends we do not simply ignore the region; we decide what how we want to help the region rebuild and we do it. If the region does not rebuild it will fall apart the moment that the US looks away.

  • The phenomena of ISIS is a symptom of the Middle East's failed political system.

    Bombing ISIS won't solve your problem. ISIS arose as a result of the collapse of Syria and Iraq. What happens when you destroy ISIS? You have to rebuild these failed states. Which nation state(s) have the patience and/or money to do this? Rebuilding the Middle East has been tried before in Iraq and Afghanistan and it failed, costing many soldiers lives and taxpayers dollars. The best action to take with regards to ISIS is contain them. That is, encourage the perpetual anarchy in the Middle East to grow enough so that other groups emerge to fight ISIS for control. The US could even fund and provide weaponry to groups such as the Kurds that could contain ISIS expansion. This way, you could possibly create a permanent stalemate between ISIS and other terrorist groups within the region.
    Of course, this would result in more anarchy in the region, but at least ISIS would be contained.

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asp1898 says2015-10-28T15:39:56.807
Its a very good debate but you have not researched enough if you put way more facts into this then you could get a better result then 50%