Should the United States build a fence on its Southern border?

  • One Word... ILLEGAL

    We should build a wall because that would prevent illegal immigrants from sucking out our welfare, social security, and getting benefits. My parents and I don't get those benefits, and we are all citizens. Building a wall wouldn't prevent legal immigration, so people could still live, work, and be in america. But, we don't want terrorists taking advantage of our poor security regarding illegal immigration to get in and terrorize. Not saying this would prevent terror, period, but it would reduce the crime rate and decrease national debt, as we would not have to pay for the welfare of NON-CITIZENS! It is a bigger issue than this wall thing, but this wall thing is a start. America, we the citizens want our rights back! (That is what the constitution meant when it says "We the people" as in, the people who are sworn devotion to this country.)

  • The U.S should build a southern border fence.

    I believe there are many immigration problems related to the southern border. This immigration problem leads to illegal immigrants who receive underpaid work. If immigrants want to enter the U.S. They should apply for it as it provides more benefits. Besides the immigration problem, another problem requires a fence to reduce smuggling of drugs, as drug addiction in America is a big problem.

  • Absolutely the US should protect their borders from the criminals.

    I think that a fence is not enough. The United States should learn from China and build a wall with guard towers. Criminals (Illegal Immigrants) should be shot on site as soon as they cross the border of the United States. The tactics of deportation is not working and these criminals are costing the United States billions of dollars.

  • We need it

    We need to know who is coming in our country! Terrorists are everywhere! Besides people study and try extremely hard to get into this country legally. Why should we award those who are coming illegally? Besides they don't pay taxes, making us pay for them. Why don't people understand that illegal immigrants are being payed for by us citizens?

  • Concrete Barrier Ensures National Security

    Building a 15-foot concrete wall from Texas to California is expensive. However, to ensure illegal immigrants don't flow from Mexico, the need for such a barrier is borne out everyday. Immigrants waste taxpayer dollars on benefits such as Social Security and Medicare. The war on drugs can be traced to bloody Mexican drug cartels that import marijuana and other illegal drugs. It's better to build the barrier now before it gets more expensive. Take some of the money spent on expensive military equipment, put Americans to work, and build the thing.

  • Its not right

    Instead of the Word 'immigrants' I like to use 'humans'. We're building a wall to keep 'humans' out of our country. The average 'human' trying to cross the southern border is not Mexican, but a refugee from the violence in central America, most of them cannot afford drugs, but the drug lords are making hundreds of millions of dollars every year, a wall wont do it, segregation wont do it, only justice will bring peace.

  • Not effective, way to expensive, and basically amoral

    There are several reasons a fence isn't a good idea:
    a.) People are constantly finding new ways to get across-tunneling, swimming, or simply walking around through one of the sections that hasn't been completed yet.
    B.) The fence has already cost $1.7 billion, with another $15 billion needed to complete it, and over $50 billion estimated for repairs over its lifetime. Is this kind of drain really what we want to do with money we could spend on humanitarian efforts?
    C.) By creating a fence between the US and Mexico, the US is , in my (inherently biased!) opinion, creating a divide between us and them, when in reality, if the situation in the US was different, we would be exactly the same. By erecting that fence, the US isn't only being shortsighted, they're turning their moral compass the wrong way.

  • That is wrong.

    I believe anyone should have a chance for a betterlife. Border control laws in the United States have gotten way out of hand, and need to be relaxed. It will not make it any better for the country or the immigrants if they built a fence . That only makes it more dangerous.

  • No, it doesn't matter

    It would not work. They would find other ways to get around it. A fence would be very expensive and those are tax dollars we could spend in other ways. The money that is involved in getting illegals and drugs across the boarder is the drive behind them finding never ending ways to get across illegally.

  • The end of illegal immigration does not start with a fence.

    While we can look at how these illegal immigrants have a negative effect on us as a country, others, like myself, can find a different view if they just look a little deeper into the subject. Put yourself in the shoes of the people planning to sneak over the border. Say that your family lives in a small village about 500 miles from the border in a little house that is nothing but four walls and a roof. Almost 70% of the people in your town have left to find a better life in the U.S. What do you see in America? You can envision sending home money to your family and returning to a house with more than one room. You can see the houses and the wealthy people. You can sense that America means a new life. Most of these immigrants are trying to escape poverty and help their families, and will be determined to reach their goal, even if it means doing ridiculously hard things. These people are not just immigrants, but our living, breathing equals, and no matter how strict security is, they can always be helped instead of hurt. So, in conclusion, instead of spending $15,000,000,000 on a border fence, why don't we attempt to help the situations of our fellow human beings by donating to a charity, which isn't even a government process. With no reason for people to emigrate, we can dramatically reduce the influx of illegal immigrants. Or, at least find a way to make legal immigration a quicker, easier, and more welcome process instead of the complicated several year long process that it is today. God, I sound like Bernie Sanders with my outrageous claims, don't I?

  • Better uses of money.

    While it seems like a tempting idea to build a gigantic fence to try to keep out illegal immigrants, it seems like, in the end, it will be a gigantic waste of money. They will just find another way in. It's better to worry about security within the US and immigration policy reform.

  • NO will not be effective

    I do not believe building such a wall should be effective, because of the resources that go into a project like this there needs to absolute insurance that it will succeed. What if the 15 foot wall is able to be bypassed in some route, and starts getting used by lots of people? Then you have all that money wasted.

  • No Great Wall of America

    The fence along the U.S.-Mexico Border isn't a good solution. Building a wall would be more expensive than useful, too much work because of the prohibiting environment, and it won't keep out the desperate people. It would be just like the Great Wall of China; Immigrants can go over, around, under, and even through it. It didn't keep the Northern barbarians out.

  • No wall Needed.

    The president of the United States, Is trying to build a wall because he claims that they bring a lot of crime, etc... Right? Who has brought more crime to the U.S just in the ending of 2017 to the beginning of 2018. Las Vegas massive shooting, California shooting, and the mostly recently in Florida high school shooting. And with that Mexico is the one bringing in crime right??

  • No wall Needed.

    The president of the United States, Is trying to build a wall because he claims that they bring a lot of crime, etc... Right? Who has brought more crime to the U.S just in the ending of 2017 to the beginning of 2018. Las Vegas massive shooting, California shooting, and the mostly recently in Florida high school shooting. And with that Mexico is the one bringing in crime right??

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