• Yes, we should form one

    I think it would totally help with our trades and foreign issues. We would have more power than before, isn't that why you form a union. Mexico is really coming into power as a place for trading. The cost of shipping overseas is hurting China, now Mexico is stepping up its game. It woul benefit us all.

  • A territorial union would make sense

    The United States, Canada, and Mexico would be a strong union that would allow for more help and flexibility for all parties. The EU has a strong union and all countries work together under the Euro in order to provide financial help. We could establish the same type of financial advancement with a union.

  • Yes, they already do.

    The United States already has an economic agreement with its neighbors. I feel that having something like open boarders would promote the growth of all three countries involved. People would be able to live freely and would have opportunity to prosper economically. People already travel between countries, opening them up and uniting them would be beneficial.

  • America does not like unions

    Then again, maybe it would give the right wing something else to break up, besides focusing on destroying the American workers unions. This country is becoming more and more for every man and women for themselves. It is pretty counterproductive, but what can us people in the minority do with this kind of thinking? I just do not think a union between Canada, US, and Mexico will ever happen.

  • We would no longer have our own identity.

    The United States, Canada, and Mexico should not form a union like the EU. This is because the US would lose its political, national, and historical identity. In addition, we will lose even more economic power. Although it would be great for travel and leisure, there are simply too many risks.

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