• Democracy should always try to improve.

    Democracy should always change and evolve to try to improve and become better. The United States government is by and for the people. As society changes the government should improve and keep up. Anything that can be done to improve upon and better something should be at least considered, and possibly done.

  • United States should change democracy for improvements

    We have too many corrupt politicians, and the bipartisan between democrats and republicans is higher than ever. What we need is a more cooperative government, where parties can agree and work more closely to solving society and economical problems. It seems that today the only thing the government is doing is avoiding to fix major problems. What we need is democracy that involves every person, not just the president, senators and representatives.

  • Yes and no.

    I think the US needs to change their way of doing democracy, but not really change democracy itself. We call ourself a democracy, but we still hold back in some areas. For one we vote in people to office to vote for the president for us. I think we the people should be the only vote that matters.

  • We need a stricter judiciary.

    No, the United States should not change democracy in order to improve it, because the legislative portion of the democracy works just fine. Laws are put in place that are usually reflective of the public opinion as a whole. However the judiciary has gone beyond their bounds and they do not enforce the laws easier. It is the judiciary, not the democracy that needs improving.

  • It Doesn't Need Changed

    I do not believe the United States needs to change democracy to improve it. I actually believe the underlying system we have works fine when it is handled properly. I think what the United States needs to do is remove all of the corruption from government and we need representatives that will actually represent the people.

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