Should the United States change the name of the "Global War on Terrorism" to something else?

  • War On Anything does not work

    Obviously, I am talking about the saying. Look at the war on drugs, They kind of have exploded since we declared a "war on drugs." War on Terrorism just seem to make more people want to be terrorists. They definitely might want to try a new approach. They might want to try the war approach with poverty since it is so good at getting people's attention.

  • Get rid of the "Global War on Terrorism."

    The phrase "Global War on Terrorism" has become something of a joke over the past decade or so. It's ridiculous for the U.S. to claim it's waging a global war on terrorism when it's almost the only country out there doing so, and so many of our efforts in this "war" have been aimed more at protecting oil oligarchies than ending terrorism.

  • No, its a good name

    I think that we are the ones who are on a global war,but other countries might have given up. I think we like to push it a little harder then other,but its ok we have more reason to look for terrorists. Americans have always been overboard when given a reason to be. The name fits that.

  • The Global War on Terrorism is sufficient.

    The Global War on Terrorism accurately describes the actions and operations currently being conducted under this name. The operations reach all across the globe, so 'global' is accurate. The actions taken are often military, or in support of military action. The term 'war' is accurate. The phrase 'on terrorism' is ambiguous enough to mean many things. This could include Somali pirates or Afghani Al Qaeda. This is overall an effective title to encompass the variety of activities conducted under it.

  • The Global War on Terrorism should stay as it is

    I don't see the reason why the Global War on Terrorism should be changed to something else. It has been this name for a while and people are already accustomed to it. There could be a different variation, like Global War on Cyber Terrorism or alternatives that deal with different terrorists, but otherwise it should stay the same.

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