• Not Feasible, Morally Wrong

    By having bases overseas we teach other countries to be dependant on our military. How many times have we heard the statistic that we spend more on defense than the other top 10 combined? How much of this money is used defending the actual United States? The truth is I understand why some want the bases, but we are going to have to reign in some budget cuts eventually. Without turning it into a partisan issue we will agree to disagree on where the cuts must take place. Now the moral argument I will make is very simple. We would never allow a Chinese, Russian, or even Canadian military base in Texas. Why do we think we have the right to OCCUPUY other sovereign nations? Let these countries slowly take over these bases and let them defend themselves. Form an alliance with them and we may help each other out in the future if there is a need, but certainly we will not pay for what your military.

  • Yes, but not because they aren't helpful to maintaining global security.

    I don't believe the United States should be involved in any nation that we are not currently at war with. We spend about $100 billion per year on foreign military bases. I believe this should be cut entirely.
    The United States should only get involved in a foreign conflict when there is an actual declaration of war by Congress and only when at least one of the following circumstances applies: 1) the U.S. is attacked, 2) one nation invades another and that invaded nation requests American assistance in repealing said invader, 3) another nation is outright murdering its own people. With respect to #2, we can still aid other nations in the event that they are invaded, but aside from that they should be responsible for their own defense. Also, other nations would need their own military in the event that Americans don't wish to defend a particular nation. In that case, American public opinion is against war, Congress can't vote to go to war without risking not becoming election, and we would therefore not get involved.

    As good of a deterrence as our foreign bases are, I simply don't believe they are a legitimate use of our defense spending. We should not be responsible for other nations except on our own terms. Moreover, other nations should be free to operate however they deem fit, without U.S. interference, so long as they don't attack us, invade others, or murder their own people.
    Being the world's superpower means we have a responsibility to defend those who can't defend themselves. But, this does not mean complete domination of others. We should treat other nations as their own sovereign states so long as they behave within those three guidelines I listed.

    For example, we should have no military bases in South Korea, Japan, or any other nation. In the event North Korea decided to invade the south (which would be stupid even without U.S. assistance to the south), we would see if the south wants our assistance. If so, we would see if the American people wish to get involved. If so, we would declare war on North Korea and cease their invasion of the south and drive them back to their own nation. Also, since North Korea is murdering its own people in concentration camps, this would make a good excuse to end that murder. However, if the American people and/or South Korea don't want our involvement, then we would not get involved at all.
    In this way, we still provide some level of deterrence to aggressors around the world without spending billions on military bases around the world. We can also defend other nations at our choosing.
    We may not have the bases to provide as much of an ability to quickly respond with military action. However, when we do decide to respond it would be with a form of total war. We are less apt to abuse our military presence and get involved in conflicts were we really shouldn't be.

  • Yes, I think the United States should close its military bases in foreign countries.

    I believe that the time when active military bases are needed globally has long gone, these bases are costing the United States lots of money that doesn't really need to be spent right now, leave open a few bases in the most unstable countries but make the local governments pay for them if they wish to stay all other bases globally should be closed down.

  • No it should not

    The United States Of America πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ should not close it’s mil bases because The United States Of America πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ needs them to fight a random country like Asia or China ok πŸ‘ ok πŸ‘ so yeah my final answer is yes ok πŸ‘ ok ok ok πŸ‘ good bye πŸ‘‹

  • No! We need them!

    The U. S needs these military bases!
    1. It improves the diplomatics of other countries
    2. It provides better defence and protection
    3. It provides good relations with other countries
    4. Lots of countries ask for them
    5. A war could break out and they would help us
    overall bases really help our country

  • There should be but not in large numbers

    I think that whenever it comes to military it's America but in Somalia and many other countries have about 50 bases in each #1) It is causing a lot of money to America #2) There is actually no need of so many bases around the world .Let countries defend themselves

  • No,Because some of the countries needed it.

    Yes,It cost $100 billion dollars per year,some of them can be closed but we need it,like maybe there will be another world war and other countries that have the U.S military bases can be prepared for the war there will be more troops,so they can battle for their country,but if some of it are closed there will be a possibility that they can't battle and getting their country destroyed.

  • Not at all

    No, these are very important and do a whole lot of good. We need to keep these open so that we will have a lot of troops in a lot of places, and we will be better off at fighting in the next war that happens to suck us in.

  • No, the U.S.A. should no close its military bases in foreign countries.

    I think it would be a mistake for the United States of America to close bases on foreign countries. Those military bases are important strategic points should there ever be turmoil in such regions. It provides America an ability to quickly respond to military action should there ever be a need for it.

  • We need to be prepared.

    No, the United States should not close its military bases in foreign countries, because it is very important to have bases around the world in case war breaks out. We used the bases that we had when it was time to attack Afghanistan following 9/11. Having a presence helps us out in the future.

  • Not all of them no.

    I do think the United States should close a lot of military bases around the world, and scale back the staff at a lot of them, but I do think it is important for the US to maintain its presence around the world. There are much more sinister forces that are waiting to take over.

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