Should the United States close the Guantanamo detention camp?

  • Better to Close It

    Yes, the United States should close the Guantanamo detention camp. The Guantanamo detention camp has received nothing but very bad publicity for a number of years now. The atrocities that were committed will be connected to the camp and its name for years. The camp will always be under scrutiny and a topic for the media. The best thing to do would be to close it. If another detention camp were to be needed, it would be better to locate a new one in another area and start over.

  • Keep it open!

    The United States should not close the Guantanamo detention camp. It is in the US's interest to keep these terror suspects away from the population and not treat them like US citizens, because they are not. They do not have the same rights as US citizens. They are war criminals and should be treated as such.

  • Harsh Punishments are Ineffective

    One thing that comes to mind when we observe Guantanamo Bay is capital punishment, a term of expression that's been with humanity for centuries. It's these extremes that the judiciary systems will hope intimidate would-be villains and criminals away from acting at all. However, this has never been the case. Death penalty, Guantanamo Bay, the context of these is that they employ capital punishment, but neither of them stops the actions of say, murderers, nor does it stop another would be assailant. It would be better to intensify proactive efforts to stop the system that causes criminals like these to be created.

  • Terrorist Deserve to be Secluded

    The Guantanamo detention camp is the ideal place to hold those who are in some way involved in terrorism. It would not be a good idea to close the camp because we would then have to bring these terrorist to our soil. It is best to keep them on an island where if they escape, they can not cause harm to civilians.

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