Should the United States combat North African terrorism?

Asked by: Thyanchor
  • Very careful involvement

    Areas of instability and lack of governance act as a 'safe haven' for terrorists. Allowing terrorists to control certain areas poses a threat to countries around the world-- not just the US. If there were to be involvement, then I believe it shouldn't be just the US. Action should be taken to prevent terrorists in the area to train and prepare for a large scale attack. We also have to be careful when becoming involved. Our involvement could also cause more terrorism against the US from the area.

  • We have our hands full with pointless wars, and domestic issues already.

    Now I am NOT 100 percent totally against war. But in our current economic state the last thing we need is another pointless war. We already spent too much money on the Iraq war. North Africa is no concern of ours. We need to stop trying to police the world. Some would argue that those in great power have the responsibility to protect the weak. Others would say it's none of our business. Regardless they are not our responsibility. Though it is sad what is happening to them. There are plenty of things we should focus our attention on that is happening here. Human trafficking within America is one of them.Then we have the domestic terrorism issue. Not to mention our government can't stop bickering like little children. Plus the extra war funding would make our already crippling dept worse.

  • Get your own house in order.

    America needs to deal with American terrorism before they have any right to say anything about the speck in someone else's eye. I am American but grow the puck up. All countries have corruption, and all countries will sell out to the Antichrist, even Israel under a globalist regime. If I hear one more "I'm American, so I am better than you", I will go apespit.

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