Should the United States commence military intervention in Syria?

  • America must intervene militarily in the Syrian Civil War.

    Contrary to popular belief, the United States has a vested interest in who emerges victorious from the Syrian war. The reasons for intervention are (in no particular order of importance):
    1. President Obama's abject failure to carry out his "red-line" policy vis-a-vis the use of chemical weapon made a mockery of American prestige and credibility in the eyes of our enemies and our allies. It has also delayed our inevitable entry into the conflict.
    2. ISIS owns large parts of Syria and in order to "degrade and destroy them", as the administration is so fond of saying, will require a greater solution to Syrian political question.
    3. Syria is a proxy war. Assad is propped up by Russia, Iran, and the terrorists of Hezbollah. Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf states support various opposition groups, including jihadi terrorists. The US should use its military to end the conflict with Assad's removal, as a rebuke to our traditional enemies in Iran and to set back Putin's foreign agenda.
    4. Syria is, through the presence of ISIS, irrevocably tied to the crisis in Iraq, which threatens to descend into chaos. It is in the national interest to achieve stability in both these nations and to promote the establishment of liberal states in the Middle East.
    5. Syria is to terrorist groups what Afghanistan was in 1979. A thorough house-cleaning is in order to nip the next generation of anti-Western terrorists in the bud.
    6. The situation in Syria is a result of the Arab Spring, a movement encouraged and then betrayed by the US as represented in our policy towards another soon-to-be failed state, Libya. By removing Assad over his monstrous violations of human rights, we reaffirm our commitment to liberalization, stability, and the international norm - all of which have suffered under the current presidency.

  • US Should Intervene in Syria

    Yes, the United States should commence military intervention in Syria. The United States, as the world's sole super power, has a responsibility to act as world police and intervene with violations of human rights are being commited on a mass scale. This is certainly happening in Syria, therefore the United States should intervene.

  • The United States commence military intervention in Syria.

    President Obama promised that if Assad used chemical weapons, he would be forced to respond with military intervention. Assad has admitted to using chemical weapons against civilians. Not only will a dangerous dictator be brought to justice, but American can show that this kind of behavior is unacceptable. The US should act to protect the innocent people of Syria.

  • Create more terrorists.

    We need to stop our incursions into countries of the Middle East. Before 911 there were terrorists and since then their numbers have grown and the countries where thy are have gown too. Part of this is because by fighting in Iraq and Afghansitan we are creating terrorists because of civilian deaths. We aren't purposely creating terrorists but its an outgrowth of the unintended consequences of Arab civilian deaths. We need to stop policing the world once and for all, it's not our business. We should take care of our own house!

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