Should the United States Congress allow drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge?

  • It will not hurt.

    This will not hurt the environment. We will be very careful about the environment. It will help save a lot of money and maybe help pay off the debt. It is empty and it will NOT hurt the wildlife. We need we need to drill to save energy and money.

  • Yes, because it will help provide Americans with power and fuel and save us money.

    The above argument suggests a way to ensure America's energy future and has the ability to save us money. The people opposed to it would say that it is a sacred natural place that shouldn't be drilled on, but that takes a backseat to economic concerns. It will put people to work and give us a new resource to use and sell to others who need it.

    Posted by: WantingStefan37
  • Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuse should not be allowed.

    The whole point of having a wildlife refuge is that it's set aside for preservation, drilling disrupts the natural habitat of the native flora and fauna. Oil can be found in other areas if it's needed. The government should not bow to every whim that corporations desire. Congress should work to protect the small patches of undisturbed nature in the US that remain.

    Posted by: R4yCher
  • The US should allow drilling in the Arctic to meet rising energy demands.

    The United States Congress should allow drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to reduce the need for foreign imports to meet current and future energy demands. If approached with close supervision and stringent rules applied, drilling in the Arctic should not damage wildlife or the habitat in any lasting manner.

    Posted by: ThegaXen
  • Our country needs more oil produced in our own country to reduce our dependence on foreign countries.

    The United States is much too dependent on foreign countries for our oil supply. We should drill for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. If this is done, great care must be taken to protect as much of the refuge as possible. While our country is facing such tremendous problems around the globe, it makes sense for us to become more self-reliant.

    Posted by: R0d0Ferdy
  • I believe that drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge should be allowed because the interests of people have should supersede the interests of animals or the preservation of natural wildernesses and habitats..

    The interest of human beings should supersede the interests of animals and the preservation of natural wildernesses. The problems caused by our dependence upon foreign oil make drilling for new oil sources an economic necessity. Plus the argument that drilling will harm the environment or the natural wildernesses is not a very sound argument because the amount of land being drilled will be really minimal. But the economic benefit of finding a new source of oil for our country is gigantically beneficial to the strength of our country.

    Posted by: TasticBran
  • The technology for oil drilling has improved immensely where the oil companies can do a better job of having a small effect on the environment and we need the oil.

    The United States imports a majority of our oil from foreign countries. Some of these countries are not friendly to the United States but are glad to take our money. Sooner or later the price of oil will go up again and we will wish we had more of our own supply so the price swings will not be as damaging. To the argument that drilling in the Arctic will not benefit us for at least 5 years, then I say we should have been drilling 5 years ago. And just the act of us drilling in the Arctic will have an effect on the world market price because they are affected by future expectations.

    Posted by: ddeathnote
  • Sure it should allow drilling, it's a frozen tundra.

    I've seen photos of ANWR, it's not a frozen paradise that liberals make it out to be. It is a frozen waste land. The environmentalists simply don't want progress to occur. The people of the United States could use more oil reserves. Why do the majority of Americans have to pay more money for gas because of a few nut jobs. It makes no sense. Drill in ANWR!

    Posted by: BriaBlacken
  • The U.S. needs to extract it's own oil for security and financial reasons, no matter where the oil is located.

    The U.S. Congress needs to put politics aside, if that is possible, and allow drilling for oil on all U.S. land, including the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. With the advancements in drilling technology, the chances of a major spill are near zero. Those opposed to drilling for oil need to be reminded that oil comes from the earth, it is not a man made substance. An oil independent USA, is financially and military strong.

    Posted by: F Clayton
  • Less than 1% drilled for oil means less disruption and pollution than oil exploration in the rest of the world.

    ANWR was found to have oil in a small northern coastal section of less than 1% of the reserve. This site, if drilled, could be easily fed into the Alaskan pipeline, eliminating the need to build thousands of miles of new pipe or bring in tankers. We would not even disrupt the caribou, whose numbers actually increased around Prudhoe Bay after that site was developed due to a higher air temperature around the drilling sites. And unlike other nations, oil drilling in the US is clean and has few spills. If we do not get our oil from ANWR, we get it from somewhere else. Shall we further fund Saudi princes who beat old women who are seen alone with the deliverer of her food? Shall we buy more oil from war-torn Nigeria, for which fighting over oil threatens to split it into 2? Shall we buy more oil from other Arab nations that then fund terrorism with our petro-dollars? Or shall we drill in nations like Venezuela, where oil spills go on and on and are never cleaned up due to the nation's poverty? Or shall we drill here, and help our own economy and the rest of the world?

    Posted by: Pir4And
  • No, because I don't want to live in a world where laziness trumps sense

    I don't think that we need to risk the destruction of any more ecosystems to feed what is in essence an unnecessary dependence on oil fueled by laziness. There are enough new environmentally gentle energy technologies today that all we need to do is put the work in to develop them.

  • Please DON'T, NO!

    No because we won't even get a years worth of oil out of this decision. At the end of the day America is going to end up depending on oil from overseas again. I understand that we are in need of the oil, but what good will it do to destroy the refuge and gas prices won't even be down by more then 10 cents? It makes no sense to drill for our own oil. We should just This is going to destroy the refuge-A beautiful piece of nature that is going to be impossible to restore. Besides, what will happen to the animals that once lived there?

  • Drilling for oil is destroying a treasure and murdering creatures.

    The oil that we get from the Arctic isn't worth the price that we pay in damage to our environment and wildlife. The ice is melting because of greenhouse gases, which oil rigs produce in copious amounts; this is threatening the polar bears, seals, caribou and other wildlife in the region. That's not to mention the risk of oil spills killing everything for miles around and poisoning the fish and other wildlife. This land should be protected for future generations. Who are we to destroy everything beautiful and natural that the world has to offer? We need to work on finding ways to break America's dependence on oil, rather than destroying the earth and its creatures to increase our dependence.

  • No drilling in the Arctic.

    So many species of animals have gone extinct or have become endangered in recent years due to human destruction of nature, we have destroyed the beautiful planet we once loved and it's just getting worse it's a shame that we would allow more detriment to whats left to cherish. It may sound a little extreme but the environment is much more important than people come to realize, clean air, clean water, open space; we are destroying our planet using every measure manageable for money that buys a status of being "better than the rest" we need to thing about more than ourselves.

  • No, it is too risky.

    There are many risks when it comes to drilling into an already weakening ecosystem and the chances of yet another oil spill could be catastrophic on the oceans like many spills before. Aside from the ecosystem at risk there are other things to weight in on this debate, the money it will cost to just get the rig out there to power that enormous rig and pay the workers who operate it and pitching in extra thousands to make sure all safety precautions are properly functioning. As some know they failed to go the extra mile on that and caused a major spill.

  • It would have a huge negative impact.

    It hasn't been the smoothest operation in the past and we cant afford to loose any more ecosystems and coral reefs. The arctic is already melting and in trouble. Why take such a huge risk ?!
    The innocent animals won't give warm welcomes when they spill yet another millions of gallons of oil there too!

  • Why risk it?

    I think that we should not do this because why risk destruction when there are lots of other places to drill that are safe and we are sure will not affect any wildlife. Better to be safe than sorry is a good motto that we need to listen to. How about people get their head out of their hands and see the bigger picture?

  • No, IT'S A REFUGE!

    No, IT'S A REFUGE! Organisms should be safe from harm in it. If there happens to be an oil spill, what will become of this "refuge"? We need to protect wildlife, I am not saying we should stop drilling for oil period. I am just trying to get by that the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is home to many living things, we do not want to take that chance!

  • No, because it is a waste of time.

    Oil will run out in a short amount of time, less than 50 years. It seems like a long time, but time flies. Why waste time drilling for oil when it will run out shortly, when you can spend that time thinking of new renewable forms of energy? Green technology is improving every day, and scientists are working around the clock to make things like algae or sugar ethanol. Hydro power, solar power, and wind power work quite well.

  • The US Congress should continue the ban on drilling in the ANWR due to the biodiversity of the area.

    The United States Congress should not lift the ban on drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, due to the rarity of the plants and species of the area. Our energy needs will be met using solar and geothermal power by the end of this century, but once ANWR is destroyed by pollution, we can not expect to regain any of the preciousness of the pristine area.

    Posted by: C0n5tGet

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