Should the United States consider military action to hinder Iran's nuclear program?

  • Military Action Has to be an option

    Iran will probably not be an issue, but to say military action is not a viable option is too premature. Our military could use bunker busting bombs to penetrate their nuclear operations. The sanctions have not halted their progress, and we must seek out an alternative. Military force might be that alternative.

  • The US Should Consider Military Action To Prevent a Nuclear Iran

    Military action is just one tool in the political toolbox when dealing with "rogue" nations that fail to abide by the rules the UN has set forth. Removing the possibility of military action could further embolden the Iran government into feeling there are no real consequences to their actions. UN sanctions have failed in deterring Iran's nuclear buildup thus far. Military action is by no means the first choice, however it needs to be considered when evaluating the worst case scenario of Iran obtaining nuclear weapons.

  • The US should not

    They should not because Iran has hardly any nuclear weapons and they (Iran) might feel threatened because the US has many nukes. So does Russia. The US and Russia don't attack each other because they (US and Russia) have many nuclear weapons. That is my opinion on that matter-
    Keelan, 13

  • We live in a MAD world

    I do not believe that we have a right to tell any country whether or not they are allowed to produce an atomic weapon. To tell one country that it cannot have a weapon, while its neighbor does, is patently unfair. Why not just tell France that they have to dismantle their nuclear arsenal because we believe they are headed towards becoming an unstable society. The MAD philosophy was a great factor in preventing nuclear war between Russia and the USA. An argument can be made that Iran has more to fear by not having a bomb than by having one - they have no viable deterrent to Israel deciding to nuke them.

  • Economic Sanctions Come First

    Economic sanctions against Iran should come first. Plus, military action shouldn't be considered unless the rest of the global community agrees there is a dire need. The key to Iran's isolation comes from Russia and China. These two countries still trade with Iran. Oil flows from Iranian ports all of the time. Until Iran's economy is completely cut off, the United States cannot consider military action until Iran makes aggressive military moves towards Israel.

  • The U.S. should use discreet alternative methods to hinder Iran's nulear program

    The U.S. military has been stretched thin for over a decade now, with multiple missions underway around the world. Instead of taking traditional military action against Iran to hinder its nuclear program, I believe the U.S. should continue its current policy of using intelligence, cyber attacks, undercover operatives and drone planes to gather information and work to slow any progress made by Iran on the nuclear front. This is a much less abrasive policy that is more likely to be embraced by other nations, rather than traditional military action.

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