• The United States should continue trying to cut defense spending.

    While I understand the importance of keeping our country safe, the United States needs to continue to vigorously cut defense spending, as well as spending in numerous other areas. Our national debt is ludicriously high, and anything we can do to cut that should be done immediately and as much as possible.

  • Peace and Cut Defense Spending

    We have wasted so much money, so many lives, and so much time invading other countries. Our country is in debt and out of control. We are strong enough as it is, and I believe that if defense spending were cut, the only thing that would be effected would be the higher ranking employees and their pay. Our country needs to focus inward on the issues that matter: such as poverty, segregation, and greed.

  • I don't think we should cut the core elements, but definitely cut the fat.

    There's a lot of waste in defense spending. Pet projects, legislators being lobbied to support certain type of weapons. The Congress should do a better job listening to the experts on the ground to see what's needed. And aside from mission critical functions like building equipment and weapons, the government should strive to do more work in house rather than contracting out. We have a bloated budget because of how much money the government gives away to consulting in the private industry. One thing that might solve the problem is to improve the government hiring process to hire the consultants directly. That could save the government a ton of money but get the job done just as well. By no means should we compromise any of our core functions or our ability to defend. Just find the waste and cut that.

  • The United States overspends on the military.

    The amount that the United States puts into military spending vastly overshadows other important areas such as health and education. The United States should encourage other NATO states to pull their weight to free up further funds. For a long time, the US has been used as an umbrella to protect these other countries meaning that the military has been over-extended. This would allow them to free up funds to invest in neglected domestic areas.

  • The U.S. Doesn't Spend Enough

    Yes, the U.S. does have the world's largest defense budget. To maintain a global presence as the world's superpower and arsenal of democracy requires the world's largest military budget. But despite our large military budget our ability to win against China in a war is questionable. Our technological edge is decreasing each year. We are vulnerable to cheap asymmetrical threats like diesel-electric submarines, drones, suicide bombers and hackers. ESPECIALLY hackers. The people who criticize high US military spending generally are silent on Social Security, which is a way bigger drain on our nation's resources.

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