Should the United States continue to use capital punishment?

  • Yes we should keep it,

    Why should we pay for killers to sit and jail while the vitems family is in great pain because of it. I say kill the killers an eye for an eye. Jail is not a rehab. People who go there do not learn there lessons beacuse if they did they would have went it the first place. And the jails are getting over croweded so just kill the killers, rapes and stuff and we can all move on.

  • Capital Punishment is a Deterrent

    Capital punishment is designed as a deterrent for the most heinous crimes. Unfortunately, however, so many delays and appeals exist that very few criminals ever get executed in a timely manner. If people were executed after two or three appeals instead of being allowed to spend 30 years on death row, capital punishment would be a lot more effective.

  • We need Public Hangings.

    The U.S. Should provide capital punishment for any serious crime that is without a reasonable doubt, committed with malicious intent. Too much taxpayer money goes to housing illicit killers. There should be no room for them in a prison house. However, they need to let all drug offenders for pot out of jail and prison.

  • In very isolated cases, yes

    The option should still be on the table, but it needs to be severely limited. The risk of killing the innocent is one of those things that even if it happens once every 10,000 times is too many. Only the most unthinkably disgusting acts that there is practically before the trial starts zero doubt the accused is guilty of warrant it. This should still be an option but one that happens at most once a year across the entire country.

  • Sadly, Yes

    Yes, the United States should continue to use capital punishment. The threat of capital punishment is a deterrent in itself. If capital punishment were abolished, the worst case scenario for a criminal would be life in prison and the possibility of parole. Regardless of the severity of the crime being committed, it would always be in the back of a criminal’s mind that there would no longer be a death sentence – this might make it a little easier for him or her to make the decision to break the law.

  • No It Should Not

    The US should stop using capital punishment immediately for two main reasons. The first is because murder is wrong and can never be justified no matter what crime a person commits God is the only one who should decide when a person's life should end. The second is because it is a huge waste of money. It costs a lot more to jail someone on death row than it does to keep someone in the general prison population and they are entitled to so many appeals which makes it even more expensive.

  • No It Should Not

    Capital Punishment is a barbaric way to handle crime and should be abolished. There are too many things that can go wrong with it, innocent people can be executed, investigations can be botched, and the system can be manipulated. As a society we should work to reform people rather than giving up on them and throwing them away.

  • No, the United States should not continue to use capital punishment.

    No, I believe that the United States should not continue to use capital punishment. There are some crimes that are so heinous and repulsive that our natural instincts are burning with a desire for revenge, but this does not mean that we should stoop to the level of these criminals. It is extremely hypocritical that one of the only ways to receive the death penalty is by purposefully murdering someone or doing something which leads to the murder of another, yet once these criminals are convicted, the state government turns around and murders them. That sets a terrible example, and as Gandhi once said, "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind."

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