Should the United States continue with the income tax (yes) or adopt a fair tax (no)?

  • Yes, income tax is more fair than a "fair" tax

    A fair tax would supposedly treat every citizen equally, but the massive income inequality that currently exists in the United States makes the burden that tax vastly different by class. Income tax demands contribution back to society from citizens varying by how much they've taken in the form of income, which is far more fair.

  • Yes, it should still be an income tax, but it should be changed.

    The tax code has become very confusing for Americans. People don't know which forms to use, where to put earnings, etc. This leaves people scrambling at tax time. It would make more sense for the government to create a tax code that is very easy to follow. One of the ideas floating around is a flat tax. I don't think the fair tax, which is done at point of sale, would be easy or good, however, because it would also cause kids to have to pay a federal tax. But a different tax would definitely be more clear than what we have now.

  • Fair tax should be imposed

    The current income tax is not a good policy now. It should be done away with and the flat tax should be installed. This would not only be more fair for the citizens of the country but it would also raise more money and simplify things for the population. America would benfit greatly.

  • No, tax reform is necessary.

    The way taxes run today do not quite work the way they should and put poor people at a huge disadvantage. A fair tax would streamline taxes and help put everyone on a more even playing field. It would also make taxes much simpler by removing income tax and all of the complications resulting from it.

  • A fair tax would be easier.

    The United States should not continue with the income tax, because a fair tax would be so much easier to understand. There should not be an entire industry centered around people being able to help others with their taxes. A fair tax would save so much money on tax preparation and people would understand why they are paying what they pay.

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