• The new age needs something new.

    The possibilities involved with harnessing nuclear energy are huge, and the consequences of relying on older modes of energy production are large. These are sound investments that can provide safe, clean energy in a variety of fashions. It isn't as bad for the environment as fuel, it doesn't require getting material from overseas, and it could allow for self sustainability.

  • It is safe.

    Yes, the United States should create more nuclear energy, because it is a safe and effective way to produce energy. Chernobyl happened in the USSR where nuclear plants were not run properly. The United States really does not have to worry about something that drastic as long as they take proper precautions.

  • Nuclear energy is a safe, efficient source of power

    The United States should invest in nuclear power. Much of the concern over nuclear energy has been manufactured by activists and people with political interests; nuclear accidents, while dangerous and unfortunate, are exceedingly rare. A lot of scare tactics were used by anti-nuclear protesters and activists throughout the 1960s and 70s, and despite the fact that nuclear power is cheap and safe, we continually look for alternatives and prevent new plants from being built. This should change.

  • The US should create more nuclear energy.

    Yes I feel the United States should create more nuclear energy. While this can be dangerous if mishandled or mismanaged the positives can reap huge rewards. Nuclear energy is extremely powerful and can power entire geographic regions. If the necessary precautions are in place then the US should create more nuclear energy.

  • Yes, the United States should use more nuclear energy.

    While nuclear energy has been created from Uranium, there is a highly effective alternative called Thorium which is also best processed using a highly efficient Molten Salt generator rather than traditional nuclear. This design was covered up when the government decided that it did not have the time to investigate Thorium. The truth is that Thorium was always seen as an important nuclear generator and that the current nuclear power was already highly obsolete.

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