Should the United States cut ties with Saudi Arabia because of Saudi Arabia's poor human right's record?

  • Yes, the US should stop holding Saudi Arabia's hand

    America sent troops into Iraq (twice) because Saudi Arabia isn't willing to fight any wars. America sent troops into Yemin for Saudi Arabia because Arabia aren't willing to do their own dirty work. America attacked Syria because the Arabian royal family do not like the Assads.
    Also, Arabia supports Islamic Fundamentalism which has no place in the modern world. Do not forget the 9/11 terrorists came from Saudi Arabia.

  • Worst Country On Earth

    Saudi Arabia funnels Billons of Dollars in the hands of Taliban and ISIS and many other terrorist groups in order to spread a very sick ideology of Islamist extremism that praises the most abhorrent human rights violations. The west needs to stop the atrocities and cut ties with Saudi Arabia.

  • They treat women like animals and take money from the US and fund terrorism

    There is no way we should be making these people richer than they are. Their treatment of women and others in society is truly deplorable. If we focus on domestic oil and alternatives to oil, we will be much better off. We know they have had a history in funding and supporting terrorism. They abuse women, stone women to death for being raped, and they can't even go in public without a male escort. This is a tragedy and America should be ashamed of itself for helping these people flourish. I feel bad for the women, but our trade has not improved their lives.

  • Yes we should

    Saudis alone were part of the 9/11 attacks and support and promote ISIS today. Most importantly, we would stand against their horrible regime and show the rest of the world that human rights matter. This shows that we need to cut ties with Saudi Arabia because if we don't, we won't be showing the world what truly matters.

  • We don't need their oil and Islamic fundamentalism

    It was Saudis (bin laden and 17 saudis) behind the 911 attacks and the funding/promotion of fundamentalism worldwide, including ISIS now. The US has laid in bed with these dogs for their oil but we now longer need them. We should let the middle east redraw the stupid borders drawn by the British. Let the Kurds have a portion of Iraq, let Iran and Saudi Arabia fight it out.

  • Yes, ties need to be politely severed.

    If this were to occur, the US could focus on its domestic oil production, which would strengthen its economy and also that of the West. Furthermore, Europe would take the signal and stop salivating over Saudi oil money. Our culture would stop being eroded and we would be a safer, happier continent.

  • The whole Middle East is crazy.

    Saudi Arabia is no exception. Unlike ISIS, they have an entire government that makes laws to behead people for petty crimes, and charge women on terror charges for driving. They are only slightly less oppressive than terror groups. Give them the ultimatum, either protect human rights, or we leave you.

  • Leave them animals alone

    At some point we need to quit babysitting the world into doing things the way we do. If that's how they want to run their country then so be it. If we have that big of a problem with it then invade them overthrow the regime and institute what we want otherwise we need to quit telling everyone what to do.

  • Yes the United States should cut ties.

    While no one can seriously argue the United States has anything close to a perfect record when it comes to human rights, nor can anyone say the United States is currently the best in regards to human rights, but that does not mean the we should look past the egregious human rights violations of the Saudi genetic dictatorship all for a shot at cheaper gas.

    A good way for the United States to show the rest of the world they are serious about defending human rights, domestically and abroad, is to make a stand against such a horrid monarchal regime of oppression even though it will hurt their collective pocketbook.

  • No, no, no

    If you cut ties with Saudi's it will be harder for Sierra club and other anti- fracking groups to get funding. Research it for yourself, they get the majority of their anti-fracking and anti-energy funding from Russia and Saudi Arabia. The enviro groups are always willing to take money from anti-american sources. Birds of a feather......

  • The U.S. should not cut ties with the Saudis because of human right's violations.

    The best way to fix a problem is from the inside-out. There are some who think we should cut ties with Saudi Arabia because of human right's violations. No! If we work with them and show them how to properly deal with citizens, the odds of change are much better then if we just cut ties with them.

  • No, the United States cutting ties with Saudi Arabia would be disastrous

    Saudi Arabia's abysmal record on human rights is well documented, and the United States should never stop using its influence to try to get the country to adopt more humane practices. That said, the U.S. has precious few allies in the Middle East. To cut ties with one of them would not only fail to solve the human rights issues, it would severely impact our national security.

  • No, Saudi Arabia should not cut ties with Saudi Arabia.

    Any time someone starts to prattle on about such and such country's human rights record and how that should affect our foreign policy, I cannot help but laugh. All you have to do is to take a quick look at the history of US foreign policy and you will find that our history is riddled with such strategic bedfellows.

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